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19 Oct 2011

Trip to the big smoke

Im spending so much time in London, it might help if I moved there. Buuuuuut I don't have 7 million fat ones to buy the house I'd need so I'll commute, thank you very much. Knightsbridge isn't cheap but if i can't live there, I'm not moving full stop. **Notes for my bucket list: Need to marry an oil tycoon**. Although, I'll quite happily take the lower flat of a house, like this one for a mere £2 million:

Its so posh in Knightsbridge, they refuse free papers! (The small sign under the door number!) LOl at Marion for that one.

On Sunday night I traveled by train to Streatham hill. Not once did I sit down as all the trains and tubes were rammed. My lovely hosts collected me from the station, toot sharp, in readiness for X Factor and Downton plus a rather generous cheeseboard. I miss cheeseboards, must eat them more often. They are not something I think to serve and yet love eating the most. Normally I reserve such incidents for Christmas. So my aim for the next few weeks is to free the cheese. And crackers. And ham. And fruit. And all the tripe you serve with it.

On Monday I trained over to Battersea for a meeting with QVC. I couldnt stay all day, as planned, as I had another appointment at Lavender Hill. All I can say about the QVC meeting was that there are some relatively sensible plans being put into place before they move location, sometime in early 2012. I like the ideas, they will be a fantastic addition to the current style of the show. The buyers have trawled the world over for the next best thing in crafting; you could say Im excited a bit.

In the afternoon I bussed over to Lavender Hill. Its not that far from QVC but the trip was full of the usual random sights and conversations. I met with Natalie from Edelman who took me to Griff's house to use his kitchen for a Pumpkin carving video. The kitchen was rammed with gorgeous, fat pumpkins and all the scenery for the background was so much fun. Carving pumpkins, I may add, ain't for the faint hearted and neither is a script. I never work on tv with a script.....its bloody hard going. I will be forever grateful for live TV and ad-libbing. However, I might just get a taste for script and envisage myself as a leading character on Downton or worse, Corrie.

Anyway, the video was for Disney who Edelman carry out PR work for. It was rather exciting especially as it fell under the Club Penguin arm of Disney. We know ALL about Club Penguin in this house. Moreover, we know lots about Puffles. Ellie was especially delighted when she received a generous parcel of merchandise via Edleman, of whom we are extremely grateful to. Here are the guys I worked with:

L-R: Natalie, George, Griff

And here are some shots of the day:

Later that night I met with my delicious friend Rubina and together we went to collect Marion. Rubes and Marion had never met before and I personally felt like I was bringing two atoms together. Such an explosive and rapturous night of laughter alongside an all-you-can-eat-buffet of chinese food. Burp. Oh we did laugh. My belly told me so as it was stiff as a board; like I had been doing sit ups all night. Afterwards, we dropped Marion off at her hotel and I went back to Comfy Castle with Rubes.

The next day we promised to take Marion to Harrods as she had never been before. Ladurees was screaming at us as was Lolas cupcakes but before we ventured into Knightsbridge, I nipped in to QVC to meet a prizewinner, Beryl Weintraub, who had won a days experience at QVC with the Craft prep team (and she got to go on air). Oh we did laugh in the meeting room, poor Beryl must have thought she had gone to a school for naughty girls. Personally I blame Marion and Roooobs for the hysterics.

Then it was off to Harrods to see how the other half live. Its such an adventure to go in and feel like you could literally trick the shop assistants that you are a gazillionaire as you try on size 2 Chanel dresses for them only to fit only over your wrist. But the food hall was obviously the only place we were realistically going to spend our money and we bought cupcakes and macaroons at Ladurees and bread from Paul Hollywood (MEZZIN!). We also went up to the Christmas shop which was choc-a-block full of delightful trimmings. Marion even got chatted up ;)

Too soon it was time to go. Marion was deposited back at QVC, I pranced on the stairway
And Marion and Roooooobs hug on the stairs
and then home to Roobs where we went thrift shopping for old books. We came away with GORGEOUS sheet music books that were a steal and some Olives. **random but oh-so-usual**

Next thing I knew I was on my train home with zero energy from having so much fun. But if that's the price you pay, I am not going to complain.


Anonymous said...

oh what fun! great your little girl had a parcel from Disney etc.Little ones love all that dont they! Dreams of things which never come true about a princess and all that stuff tots love!

Pol said...

LOVE the puffle pumpkin! Wish my carving skills were that good!

Sue said...

Blimey, do you ever take a breath? :)

Bee said...

you blame Marian and Roobs????? I think some of the blame must go to you too, I know what you mean about laughing until your belly aches - think we managed a month's laughter in a lunchbreak. It was lovely to meet up with you (and of course all the others) and I had a ball. B xxxx

Mrs F said...

Sounds like a fun filled trip and wonderful to read. Thanks Kirsty

Jaki Morris said...

Next time you simply have to go to Borough Market on the south bank. It's fabby and full of FOOD

Jo Street said...

Sounds like you had a fab time!
Jo x

MARION said...

Euugh... I would NEVER buy olives from a thrift shop... Thanks for the fun xxxxxxx

Glen said...

Love the butterflies Kirsty. I hope you are feeling on an 'up' today. Sometimes, life gets like that. Keep doing what you do best. TFS. If you fancy a peek at my blog, I have posted ideas for Halloween every day this month so far. Enjoy! *Ü*~Glen~