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12 Oct 2011

Tidying, re-arranging, pulling my hair out

The last 36 hours have been weird and I mean proper weird. I had to have sedation for dental treatment due to a dental phobia that I have but this time I have reacted strongly to Midazolam. Jittery, slurring my words, tired and feeling anxious. I have very little recollection of what Ive done in the past 36 hours (that would be a bonus in some cases!).

When I finally "came to", I had this urge to scour my office and give somethings a new home. I'm constantly (and I mean constantly) re-arranging my space to make it functional and easy to work in. I have to have my desk space just right for all craft types which now includes collage in addition to card making and scrapbooking. Its also the space I do prep work for QVC. And prep work for QVC needs separate tools and embellishments, so things have to be shifted about a bit . I spend more time primping and preening this office that I feel most of my productive time is spent just faffing around - its getting on my nerves!

This is the amount of workable space I have. I know its more than some people (I have friends who craft off their knees due to space issues - they have my utmost empathy). But this is my work room; which is increasingly decreasing!

Anyway, I found this on my travels around the office of doom and thought I'd bob it on here to look pretty.
Have you got a link to your workspace, I love to see how you all organise things x


Jaki Morris said...

Love the card. My work space is my kitchen table which I also use for teaching. It is so difficult trying to keep a straight face when you can see glitter or glamour dust on the students's faces! I keep my main craft stuff in my bedroom but it keeps spreading as I buy more and more! I think I need to have a clear out/reorganise very soon.
Hope you're out of your fog now

Sue said...

Fab card.

I have a small work space int he corner of my living room. I do have a small folding table that I can use when things are manic.

Christine said...

Hope the drugs are out of your system now & 'normal' service has resumed!

Love the card, very pwerty :)

I would love to show you my scrap mess....but that's the problem, it's a mess. I'm always shifting things round and end up creating more mess! I live in the hope that one day I WILL clear/sort/re-arrange/de-clutter and it WILL be the perfect scrap room!

*hangs head in shame*

Sharne Davies said...

have a look at whats on your workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW) on Julia Dunnits Stamping Ground blog. You get to look around loads of other peoples work desks.


I have been on a countdown to my new fabby craft room for over 2 think you would need to scroll back a few pages on the post to see how bad it is at the moment....I REALLY want it to be done and am now cosidering paying someone to do it.....they would have to be crafty to understand what I need ...of course...