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22 Oct 2011

Seeing stars

Next to butterflies, I like stars.
A lot.
They are best for men's cards.
Men don't have a care in the world for butterflies. I think they would prefer moths.

Here is a man card. Using a star. Obvs. Its just clean and simple

Today I hosted a craft class for the girls who looked after Ellie during her 6 session stint on the local befriending service. This is what they made. Eeeeeeek lots of butterflies, no?!

You see that embossing design? I just bought that from Stampin Up, USA. I got it off eBay and I love it with my whole heart. Its such a deep impression unlike the paltry other embossing folders you find here.

Heading out to Wilmslow (Methodist Church on Kings Close) today for a table top sale.
Come and see whats on offer or drop by for a natter and some coyk.
Unless I've eaten it all.
Which is most likely a big fat "Yes I have".

PS: trying to lay off the butterflies for a few cards. Checking into butterfly rehab for a while.


Sue said...

Loving all the cards, but the one with purple on is my favourite.

I love butterflies.

Ali said...

You really have got a serious butterfly addiction going on, haven't you? Lovely cards. :)

Just_a_bean said...

Butterflies are the way to go but love the man-card too xx

Lizzie said...

I like the star card! Going to do some 3-d type cards with my little group at a "Christmas Papercrafts" workshop day in November. Stars may be included... got stencils cut for hearts, christmas trees and I think also stars....

The embossing folder certainly does produce a lovely result. I may just have to research these (now that I finally have a die-cutter!)...

Thanks for showing us these great cards. They are lovely - I be those girls had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Let all of creation be celebrated and if you like butterflies use them in your creativity. creativity can and often does celebrate the amazing world which was created for us all to enjoy by our Loving Father God. Enjoy it because that is what he wants for you and us all.

D@nielle said...

<3 your cards, beautiful as always !