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25 Oct 2011

Job Vacancy

That job I blogged about a few weeks back? The link actually worked for about 2 hours until the website (initially hosting it) removed it without warning (erm, cheers?!). So here it is again. Any North London guy or gal would LOVE this job. I'd love it, I really would! Im inches away from submitting my CV but maybe I have other plans for that CV at the moment. Quandry! So whilst Im dithering, maybe YOU could apply?

WANTED: Creative Crafter - with loads of flair and imagination required inhouse by leading Kid’s Arts & Crafts Specialist opposite Blackhorse Road Tube Station (Victoria Line) to create, make and decorate craft products for photo shoots. Full/part-time, salary negotiable. Email full details of experience and examples of work to Dawn

Gotta go, Im about to catch ein Flugzeug to Frankenfurten.

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