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24 Oct 2011

Fleeting Visit

Ive just spent a mad 36 hours at my Mums as I went t drop of Belles for a week. She loves going to my parents; they spoil her rotten. They take her to her favourite places plus she gets to hang out and have jammy days without me mithering her.

Yesterday, Belles and I took lil poochy for our favourite walk on the beach. Its only a short distance, as Ellie can't manage a long walk. You will have seen pictures of the beach huts before but at this time of year, they burst with colour and make us feel so cheery (look how the colour literally bursts down the line of the huts, behind Ellie!).

The boy, resting on a poop deck

As she gazed at the sea, I snuck a pic of her very elegant hands and nails. Ahem, they **do** need filing a little.

This view of the start of Bridlington promenade is lovely. Its a real old fashioned seaside town with the usual mix of salty air, biting winds, fish and chips, folk walking their pets, day trippers eating butties in their cars and children wading into the sea in all weather.

I had to come back as Ive got things to finish off before I go to Frankfurt on Wednesday. The thing is, in my line of work, is that I either have an exponential amount of things to do or nothing at all. Most recently I have had a great deal of work. I LOVE IT but I have to do what work, when I can, because I don't know when the next piece is coming. The last 4 weeks were not factored on being mega busy and because of that, I'm out of sorts and behind on some things. **I must take the time to sit and breathe**

Here is a colour picture of a black and white card - weird, right? My lighting studio is a bit lightless (waiting for a bulb from eBay) but anyways, this is a card I made at my Mums. And ooooh, look.........a butterfly!!!!. Must buy one of these dies for this particular butterfly.

And now I must go to bed and sleep off the sea air which has made me v v snoozy.


Anonymous said...

Glad Ellie will have a good half term holiday. Shame you cant be there too though as holidays are the fun times when you can all relax and share. She probably has a lot of homework to do as at this stage there is so much course work isnt there for their GCSE course work. why dont you use altered photos of butterflies you have seen and print this as background paper and decoupage it with silicone glue....that is using all your own work too and its very effective using your own photography as it is original and not something others have access to could also print them off on thin paper and iris fold them in a butterfly apeture...ideas to keep you going all day/week/month there!!

Sue said...

Glad Ellie is having a break with your parents. Looks like a lovely place.

I hope you are making some 'me' time in your busy schedule.

Love the card.

Fiona said...

Fab snaps Kirsty, Bridlington looks like a fab place to visit, full of photo opportunities.
Hope Ellie has a great time at her Nan's and you do in Frankfurt.

Belinda said...

Firstly Dear Kirsty I am very glad to hear that you have lots of creative things on the boil I love to see and hear what you are up to both on Facebook, QVC and on here. All the travelling must be a bit of a bummer, which is the downside to being busy, but variety is the spice of life! I hope Ellie has a great time and I for one know how much grandparent - grandchild relationships are. It is priceless that precious time that all three of them spend together the best medicine for all, is that wonderful bond that they share. Which brings me to YOU ANONYMOUS - with your narrow minded cynical judgements of relationships you know nothing about! If you put even a little bit of the time you spend writing your pathetic quips here into something constructive like researching the issues that children like Ellie struggle with on a daily basis, and in turn the incredible worries and concerns that parents like Kirsty and her family have for Ellie's future in this world of narrow minded individuals such as yourself, you might begin to understand the hurt you cause! ..............You judge someone who bares there heart here, as they have a right to, after all this is Kirsty's space no-one asks you to read her honesty! I think you don't understand honesty otherwise you would have the courage to say who you are and stand by all your nasty, spiteful comments, may I suggest you toddle off on the yellow brick road, look for the wizard and try and find yourself a heart, you seem to have a brick where one should be!

Debo said...

Well said Belinda!!!!!!

Ruth said...

Fantastic photos, Kirsty! I love your sincerity..and it comes through in your pics. Your card is super too. Ruth x

Terrie B x said...

Fabulous photos...beautiful card Miss Kirsty TFS:)
Enjoy the rest of your week:) xxx

Pam said...

Beautiful card. The butterflies are great!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where there is anything negative in saying re holidays as yes Grandparents are a really important part in the lifes of all the family and kirsty possibly does need some time to relax. I dont think suggestions of encouraging someone to use their skills eg photography and making truely original art is a crime but clearly there are some people who dont graps that in their own narrow minded ways! never mind Kirsty maybe you will understand this was an encourgaement not a horrid post. I hope Ellie didnt have to spend all her 1/2 term doing course work. At 13 my neice had 4 essays to write and the research and references etc took so long we did little else apart from support her. they are taught to do their essays correctly eg with references etc too at this stage in her school because this will help them later on. a great idea but the subjects and requirments for level 7 were extremely complex! hope your parents didnt have this stress! we all need a holiday now they are back at school!!

Belinda said...

And I quote.........

oh what fun! great your little girl had a parcel from Disney etc.Little ones love all that dont they! Dreams of things which never come true about a princess and all that stuff tots love!

You comment frequently on Kirsty's blog which means that you know very well how old Ellie is - so no element of sarcasm here then??
Perhaps I have the wrong Anonymous - you see that's the problem with not identifying yourself really, I might be holding you responsible for someone else's comments, however I think it's safe to assume that when I see the Anonymous above the comment with the usual 'loaded''s you!
So no apology from this end!