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23 Oct 2011


I watch as many inpsiring and uplifting videos as I can - to make me smile and have faith in the day. I have to because there is far too much misery on the news. The pictures of the capture and subsequent execution of the former Libyan leader was unnecessary. Far too gory for young eyes and ears in this house. In fact, Im still squirming from the images in my head :(
I keep referring to this video of late. Since Oprahs show died a death of miserable afternoons for me, I switched to The Ellen show. WHY have I not watched this before? I LOVE HER. Her wit and timing is spot on - she really does make me laugh. And then when these two cutie patooties (from Essex, no less) were invited to go to California to chat with her - well, I just couldn't stop watching it.

Watch this:
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First off, Nicki Minaj has these scary presence in her videos on MTV but in real life she is such a sweetheart. You really warm to these people when you catch the REAL them. And these two girls, especially Sophia Grace, rapped the entire version of the song.......word perfect. Absolute magic. You ought to you tube the original video of them as it went viral to 10 million in a week!

Hope you enjoy my happy post.


Heather said...

WOW!! how cute are they? And Nicki was so kind to them too xxxx

Sue said...

LoooooooVe Ellen fab show!

Dawny P said...

OMG Kirtsy - that was amazing. What cute kids!! Thank you for putting in on here chick. It's put a smile on my face which will be there for the rest of the day xxx

patcrafts said...

Wow how wondeful is that the girls are so cute and how Sophie Grace remembered all the words is incredible just love it.

Linby said...

TYFS - not seen this before.