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13 Oct 2011

Crop night shenanigans & giveaway **winner announced**

I was in dire need of a crop night and although I have not been the "Koolest" of scrapbookers tonight (ie just not conforming to using the latest and "Koolest supplies" - instead I used a kit from 2007!!! Ancient history .....the horror!), I still enjoyed the process.

I made this layout here (following the sketch in the blog post below)

Oh man - call the cops! I let my kid have Pepsi. After all these years she has had no cavities and she is still alive so go figure.

and with the left overs, I made this card here:

The card and a pack of ancient (un-opened) rub-ons from Cosmo Cricket are part of a giveaway so if you want to win, leave your name below.

Tonight was also Ellies last night with the befriending service. I am not sure if I blogged this but Ellie was awarded 6 session with a befriending service from local volunteers (run by the council and Aiming High) to spend time with people other than her family. It breaks my bloody heart to have had to approach them for such a service when Ellie ought to have friends her own age that she can relate to and hang out with. But no. She has zero after school friends and is lumped with Mark and I of a night time and that's just not cool, is it? Aaaaanyway, we were so sad to see the end of this beautiful chapter of her life and as a thank you, I made one of each of these for the girls to take home as a massive thank you.
I'm not sure its the last we have seen of Ashley and Chloe as they are now hooked on crafting, so as part of our huge thanks to their valiant volunteer work with kids like Ellie (and believe me, there are worse case children than Ellie as this service is normally reserved for "at risk" children), I have offered to host them at our house with a craft session. How else can you pay back society other than with paper and glue?

Winner announced - Congrats Jo, you win x


EmmGee said...

Pearls on doileys! I've seen it all now. (Though we did 'bling up' at your last class - must finish that!!)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

I´m a "make something smaller with the scraps" scrapper too. :)
So nice of you to make gifts for the girls. Lovely art.

crafty....du said...
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crafty....du said...

Love the fresh poppy colours of the lo and card :) thanks for the chance of a giveaway :) love reading your blog, keep up the good work and have a fab day

Anonymous said...

maybe yu could start a craft group for the children involved and then Ellie could carry on as a helper and mix with them? sometimes we have to create ways of meeting people and this could work if the Charity were happy and you can sustain and fund it etc? Could be the start of a whole new world for all and art helps in painful distressing situations. Taking your crafts to a new level and training as an art therapist maybe?

Jaki Morris said...

Love the colours on the layout and I must put doilies on my shopping list!
Those hearts are wonderful for some wonderful hearts.

Have a great Friday


lydiawalker said...

i love the colours in the second card xxxx its just beautiful xxx

Fiona said...

Sounds like a great scheme Ellie was involved with Kirsty and I'm sure the volunteers were thrilled with their beautiful hearts.
Fab card btw, love the corrugated texture.

clare said...

What a lovely thank you gift Kirsty, I would be over the moon to receive this, no money equals the time and caring thoughts that go into projects like this. If I really appreciate somebody I do the same - I feel they are so worthy of such a gift. Others can have some off the shelf Ferrero Roche!! I bet Belle really enjoyed her time spent with them. xx

Ardilla said...

Beatiful projects!!!
I also made a card with scraps yesterday :)
Thanks for the chance with the giveaway...

Lisa said...

Kirsty, that is such a wonderful gesture, so nice to show appreciation.....
I love the heart you have made.
and as for the card... would be lovely to win one of your creations
Love Lisa xx

Sue said...

What a fab LO, card and heart.

I remember you telling us about the befriending service. What a shame the sessions don't last until Ellie at least leaves school.

vixen said...

Hi Kirsty, Your Layout is fab and your live video was great :)

I feel for you about Ellie and having no friends my Eldest who is 8 now has just been diagnosed with aspergers and has no friends (not through lack of trying),he doesn't even get invited to parties unlike his brothers who have been invited to loads lately.

The befriending scheme sounds fab, its a shame this type of service is for limited time isn't it.

leigh11 said...

great night last night--and i love your layout and card! I finally managed a layout this morning BUT not 100% happy with it! Your craft club sounds like a fab idea-well done you xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Two amazing girls that were privileged to have spent time with such a gorgeous girl. x

Jo Street said...

Wow Kirsty your layout and card are lovely, and you gift is beautiful. i'm sure its not the last Ellie will see of her new friends. It sounds like a great idea to offer crafty sessions. I work with children with learning difficulties and special needs and a lot of the children I know don't have a social life outside of school, most play on a playstation or watch tv. I think this is a brilliant idea.
Jo x

Lisa-Jane said...

Fab sketch luvvie, really pleased with mine for a change! Those gifts are lovely and well deserved I'm sure. I agree that a craft class is a wonderful idea - I think I even suggested it a while back after the whole sailing debacle. LOVE your card too - will have to "borrow" this design ;-)