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20 Oct 2011

Butterflies? What, ME? Never!

So me and butterflies? Hmmmmmmmm?
But, but I didn't use the punch on this one. You know, the one I've been using the past few thousand cards? Instead, I've used my GORGE Stampin Up butterfly stamp and punch set to accent this card which is on its way to a sweet friend of mine.

I made this card after FINALLY getting up off my sorry backside after feeling really down since I got back on Tuesday night. I don't know what took over me but I couldn't face conversation, outdoors, housework, work commitments or anything. I just lay and lay and lay in my stinking pit. I don't think I was feeling sorry for myself but more sorry for the things I could have been doing. I just didn't have the energy. And I wasn't unwell; I wasn't sickening for anything either. I was just overcome by a nothingness. Crazy, isn't it?

Then something clicked this evening, after nibbling on cheese. Maybe cheese is the answer to all my woes? Who knows but just in case you are in a bit of a funk - may I recommend some cheese? LOL.

And lastly........
What you doing this Saturday? Are you in the Wilmslow area of the country (Cheshire?). My friend Jane is holding a crafty table top sale. There are some spaces left if you fancy off loading some housewares or handicrafts or usable old stash. Jane ran a successful one about 2 years ago and now its time to run another after we have all accumulated stash again. There will be new crafts, old stash and all sorts of stuff for sale so make sure you can steal away an hour or so to visit us.

Here is Janes leaflet (click to enlarge) to either book a space or drop by for coyk (especially coyk)
Come see, come see!


Candace said...

Not wanting to do household chores is a problem?????

My god I'm destined for hell for all eternity then!

On a series note, there is nothing wrong with self wallowing once in a while, it helps us to cherish the good and if cheese helps eat it and just think now this cold weather has come a little extra padding round the middle won't hurt it will help to keep us warn.....mmmmm cheese.

Candace said...

going off to the fridge now in search of a bit of mature, some crackers and home made chilli jam.....and its 5am

Just look what talking about cheese has done! lol

Jaki Morris said...

OMG Kirsty your cards are just amazing and I love them so much!
I agree that every now and again it's good just to do nothing and try not to feel guilty about it.

Right, take boy2 to school and then get my stuff out and try to make a card! Sans butterflies as it's for my husband!

Sue said...

I am loving the card.

Think you may have had a bug, as both me and my dad had a couple of days last week where we felt like that.

Lisa said...

I love that cared Kirsty! I so need to get me a butterfly punch.
Glad your feeling a bit brighter now
Lisa xx

Lizzie said...

Must have been something in the air on Tuesday, Kirsty, cos I had a day just like that too... plenty to do - nice stuff too, but just could not get started. All ok now.
I wouldn't take your cheesey advice though ... it is just not worth the pain afterwards.... (and I so love cheese, it just hates me!).

Something else I do love, is that rather spiffy card you made. Love the pink, white and green combi, the stamped/cut out butterflies, the biiiig ribbon bows, the punched-out white paper lace strip aaaaaand the little leaf pin-flag thingy. All that, and some fabby background papers too. Amazing stuff!

Carolina Little said...

Love your card colours. Very bold and fresh!!!

creativchen said...

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Many warm Hugs from Marina from Germany
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