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7 Oct 2011

2 of 4

This Sunday sees the launch of part 2 of 4 of my Life is Beautiful class. Here is a sneak of page 7 (pages 1-5 were video'd last week).
You can sign up to this class anytime as its going to be "always available" to watch and complete in your own time. You can buy now, start now or buy now and start when the chilly weather comes in and you resort to the cosy confines of your craft space.

Here are sneaks of two of the other pages from last week HERE plus here is an extra, to perhaps tempt you further?
WARNING: You will get very mucky fingers but then that's what the old man's t shirts are for ')

Ive had a number of participants contacting me sayings its my best class yet **blush blush** but secretly, I happen to agree with them ;)


Anonymous said...

making collage is fun and something you can do as a family with young toddlers upwards so would be good as then the children are able to share too. basic collage doesnt need instruction - just do it and then some excellent online info or books too will help as the tots grow and you share in family time once again with older children, teens etc too through to elderly people in day care/resi homes etc

Debo said...

I really so want to sign up to this but have just gone full-time at uni to complete my final year in 1 year (just want to get it over with now, which, I know, is not the attitude to take but I've lost too many friends and family over the last year or so and by doing this course, even though part-time, I've missed the chance to spend time with them and I'll never get that back, sodon't want to miss any more time with my family and friends anymore but so close to the end that it seems stupid not to just see it to the end now, or so everyone tells me!)


Debo said...

OOPS! That turned into a bit of a stream-of-consciousness writing! Sorry! I think it must be the meds I'm on for my back!

I'll understand if you want to remove it!

Anyway, I'm desparate to do your course - will it still be available next June?