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22 Sep 2011

Scrappin' again

Ugh, WTH is wrong with the new FB? I hate it.
So whilst I can't even use it, I took my sorry ass over to my scrapping area and got crafty. Ive got waaaaaay too many supplies and they need to be used. Sometimes I feel guilty for having more than I need but my pocket money doesn't get spent on nights out or new clothes. Nope, it gets spent on creativity and you can't put a price on the happiness and feeling of achievement that it brings. I think. He heeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here is my layout which was just the ticket for a full on high-five to me (in the accomplishment stakes!)

And then, with the leftovers?
A card - going out in the post to a v spesh friend tomorrow
**stalk your posty, friend**

An all round good night in the makery-ness of my life
and after the day I had (horrible) I can go to bed with a less of a heavy heart.
Crafting cures most ails.


Sue said...

Loving the LO. Your pooch is just the cutest.

Really love the card.

Jaki Morris said...

Kirsty, I just love that ribbon and the way you tie it is to die for.
I know the manufacturer but where did you get it, can you remember?
Here's to better days


Fiona said...

Fabtastic LO and card Kirsty, loving the colours and your corrugated cove! (see, I know impressive photo terminology now! lol)

Roz said...

OK am now stalking posty, LOL x

Lisa-Jane said...

I LOVE that layout Kirsty! Those papers are lush, who are they by? Just want to EAT your boy!

Kate said...

Love that paper.

Debo said...

Lovely LO - as ever! You are so talented!

Hope things are starting to improve for you. Crafting is SO good for the soul (and I find wine and chocolate is good too!!!)

jamie said...

creativity does cure most ails...and i am long over due.
fun post!

Cat T said...

I love your work, especially the piece with the pup. Too cute! said...

♥♥♥♥ love your style!! Beautiful Cards!