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12 Sep 2011

Quick post

Ive just got back into the full flow of normal every day-to-day schtuff today and after dropping Belles off at school at 9 through to picking her up at 3.15, I feel like I have had 3 minutes spare.

I had every intention of finishing off some alcohol ink work but could I find my latex gloves? NO! Did I want mucky finger today? NO! So instead I did some clean crafting with Rhonnas Digital designs using the Spooky Junque kit (I used the brushes, the backgrounds and the borders kit)
**in LOVE**

Ive been on a number of CT's in my scrapping life but non more incredible than Rhonna's team. Go and check out her wonderful designs x

Hopefully back in full form tomorrow although I do have an appointment at the phobia clinic for a filling
**cry cry**

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Sue said...

Loving the LO.

Good luck at the dentist.

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

KIrsty, hope the dentist went well, and for alcohol inky fingers , you NEED a craft scrubbie from Ranger.. you will never need gloves again!

Debo said...

Hope the dentist trip was not too bad. Have you tried taking an MP3 player-type thing and listening to something VERY LOUDLY so that it drowns out all the horrible, scary noises! My recommendation is Norah Jones (1st album) which really relaxes me too. In fact, when I hear it now I relax withing the first few bars! AND I don't need the ipod any more, I can just sing in my head ...sail away with me in the night.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz