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21 Sep 2011

Mucky Fingers

I go through fits and starts with my crafting time. Sometimes I want pretty-pretty-pretties with bows and flowers and glitter. And then other times I go all-out-inky and "to hell" with the mucky work surfaces and fingers. But, to be fair, I have to drop my OCD cleanliness status for an hour which brings me out in a nervous twitch.

The last 24 hours I have been really unwell, which pretty much left me feeling lethargic and lazy. I thought I was coming down with a cold and god knows I haven't got time for one of those buggers right now. So when I suddenly perked up this afternoon, I tidied up this dump of an office (for the 746201938566 time), I re-discovered my distress inks. I think I have 30 of these inks and have had several of them since 2006....still as inky as ever. My twitchy, uncrafted for 24 hours fingers ripped open the lids to reveal grungy rainbows all over my workspace.

So without further ado, here is a tag, ready to go into someones parcel tomorrow.

And as for my mucky fingers?
Well, I'll wipe them down Marks back when I go to bed. After all, sharing is caring.


Sue said...

Fab tag.

Alison Horne said...

ooh splodgy.x

Fiona said...

Fab colour,texture and stamps Kirsty.
Hope you are feeling better, I had a cold/chest infection recently so felt like crap too.
I have won one of Jane's bags, how lucky am I?

Anonymous said...

trust you had good medical care when really ill. amazing you felt up to crafting.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Im a grown up, I can look after myself and when one perks up, of course one feels so amazing that one can craft again.
Stop leaving ridiculous messages, you miserable old goat

Debo said...

Love the tag!

Hope you are feeling better!

(P.S. Would love to know where to get 'good medical care' next time I'm feeling poorly at home and the rest of the family carry on there way ;))

Debo said...


'Their' way!!!!

Judi said...

Gorgeous tag! Love the little doily poking out - sweet.
Doesn't anon realise crafting is therapy and can take your mind off how rough you feel?! Glad you're feeling better x

Neasa said...

If only Anon knew that when my partner died I stopped crafting for a while but when I started back up it was like a new day in my life. For true crafters, crafting comes and goes like the tide, life, family and unfortunately illness and tragedy sometimes get in the way. Crafting is not a way of life for me, merely a hobby that keeps my hands from picking up a glass and I'm grateful for that. It could have gone either way....
Kirsty, keep up the good work! x x x (And FUCK the begrudgers!)

Catie Cuddles said...

As someone who is currently off sick from work with sinusitis and has crafted everyday I can tell the "interesting"anon commenter that craft produced happy stuff in my brain that has helped me feel better whilst doing little physically to ensure I am also resting. So there! And last year got me out of a pit of depression and back to a functioning human!

Debo said...

Is 'anonymous' actually a human being? I think they must be from another planet!

Why do they even read this blog? I do find their posts' 'interesting' but hope Kirsty, that you don't take any offence from them.

Muckyfingers said...

Cheeky.... ;)
Get well soon babes xXx