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14 Sep 2011

Letraset Alcohol Ink - Usage 1

**you can now pre-order Letrasets inks HERE**

Alcohol inks look good just splashed on their own, you know? Leave to dry for a few seconds and then add some blending solution to see some pretty amazing separation and melding. Cool.

Here I used azure, bright green and yellow

They look even more spesh when used with an applicator tool although saying that, the fibres on those felts really RAG me off.

Rosie and discovered that they can be blended perfectly with cosmetic sponge off cuts (dirt cheap) with barely any fibrous interference. I'll share more on that tomorrow.

this was a unique experiment for me as I applied Letrasets Moss Green over blue brilliance ink; both mediums reacted spectacularly to create this effect.

Its kind of sandpapery-ish!

Kirsty's Laboratory is on FIRE!

All inks applied onto a holographic card which is pretty dazzling (and I HATE holographic card!)

Tune in tomorrow - more alcohol ink madness.

**you can now pre-order Letrasets inks HERE**

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Carolyn Phillips said...

Oh and I was just about to ask what you applied them on - what a great use for an awful card, you'd never tell. (Yup, I hate holo card as well.)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Confession time coming up.... the holographic card came from my card & paper box. BUT in my defence, I have had it a rather long time (honest!) Looks pretty damned fine though, don't you think with the magic that is the Wiseone!

Katy said...

At last an ink bottle to fill promarker yay!