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14 Sep 2011

Let there be light

The most beautiful things can come from almost nothing. Prepare to grab your tissues and clap with glee, all at the same time

**cry, cry**


Sue said...

WOW! What more can you say:)

Debo said...

Speechless! Wow!

Fiona said...

How amazing.

Judi said...

How amazing! As the saying goes - necessity is the mother of invention! Will certainly make me go into nagging mode again - 'turn that light off, stop wasting electricity'!
I couldn't help thinking of the rioters again when watching this - you know those poor hard done by people who have nothing, innit!!! If they only knew - or cared!
Thanks for sharing this, Kirsty, it's a real eye opener - the joy on these peoples faces from something that we take for granted every day - light, whether natural or artificial.