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4 Sep 2011

i **heart** MCR

Today I took 5 girls for an intense, fast track course in DSLR training, in Manchester. Everyone was so keen and so eager to learn and boy, were they were fast (Its a manchester thing, right?). I was super impressed. I didn't want the day to end but, sadly, it did.

Here they are, in all their brilliantness: Bethany, Julia, Linda, Catherin and Amy

Isnt Manchester pretty?

We especially loved this post-it note wall (in the Arndale Centre). Set up in the wake of the recent rioting; locals have come together to support that they LOVE Mcr (Manchester). It made me feel a bit teary inspite of the idiots who were creating havoc the other week during the riots. Through adversity, people still soldier on for the good of man. Love that.

I enjoyed spending time with the girls, each bringing a unique quality to the day. I especially enjoyed catching up with Amy Shaw, of QVC fame (no less!). I will be joining her on the Craft team this Wednesday at 4pm for my Freelancer debut **bites nails**. Thanks to Julia for this lovely pic x

Also, I wanted to share some fund raisers with you. I hope you can spare a pound or two for two wonderful causes. One can be found over here and the other can be found over here. If you have a paypal account, even with just £2 in it - would you be able to squeeze it on over to these beautiful people?
Thank you x

The winner of my tag from the weekends blog hop goes to:
Congratcho, hunny bee x


Julia said...

Hi Kirsty Thanks again for a brilliant day. I came home and practiced and got a fab shot of my daughter already :) I am converted lol!

Catherin said...

Thanks Kirsty for a fantastic day! It truely was inspirational. Have taken some great back to school photos - made my son put his uniform on today even though he doesn't go back until tomorrow:)

Dawn said...

How wonderful I won your wonderful tag ;0)your little dog is adorable Love Dawn xx

can you e-mail me and I will give you my addy for your lovely tag xx

Dawn said...

I didn't realize you were so close (MCR) I have a SLR and would love to learn to use it. Do you teach? you all took some ace photos really like what I saw your all so clever ;0) Dxx

Amy Shaw said...

Thanks for such a fab day!! I've been playing around
with my camera again today and cannot believe the difference a day with you has made to my photos!
You are the best! Xxxx