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6 Sep 2011

C25K, Week 3, Day 1

Anyone who has done this will know that this day is a killer.
I hurt so bad that I thought I'd have to ring Mark to come and collect me on my run tonight.
But I soldiered on AND................ I didn't stop. I ran when I should have (although a slow run, maybe a fast walk??!!) and walked so handsomely when I should have too. Aaaaaand if it wasn't for Tiesto, Example and David Guetta (With Snoooooop) on my iTunes I deffo would have given up.

A number of my facebook friends are going through the same punishing regime too which is a great motivator. One of my friends started today. One of my friends is on week 7 (Ive seen what week 7 includes and I think I want to die right now!). I just hope the regular runs between now and then will build me up for it and eventually to finish the course in 6 weeks time. So we are all at different levels but are encouraging each other daily.....which is what I need!

I wanted to shout about one piece of my running gear - The Skapri.
Not because I think i look saxy in it (I don't) but because it prevents cars crashing into the pavements. Why does it do that? Well, the skirty bit hides unsightly buns (like two pigs fighting in a duvet) but also hides my thunderous thighs. I totes recommend these bottoms if you are running right now and want to look half feminine of a Romanian shot putter ;)

Im off for bath to ease my aching knees and calves.......OUCH.

PS: Tune into QVC tomorrow to see Maz do her thang and then Weds to see me do mine ;)


bosenberries said...

Ahhh... someone else suffering! I am doing the Get Running Program.... although this one only goes to 5k! I am on week 3 now and hope to try one of the higher ones when done... hopefully!

ski said...

If you think that's bad wait to you get to week 4.....

W4D2 tomorrow for me, unfortunately yesterday's run still fresh in my mind.

pmk said...

Yay to couch to 5k - don't panic, the gradual build up does work, you'll be running like a pro at the end of it!!

Anonymous said...

looks like something i remember fondly from the late 80's..... xx pbb