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29 Sep 2011

Bye Bye garden, I grew thee so well

We have lived in our house for 8 years and the garden has been the bane of our lives since the second we arrived. But you just put up and shut up, don't you? We had evergreen plants in spits and spots but I barely grew anything, except for the odd pot with marogolds, verbenas and dahlias. Then, during the summer we started to remodel. We got rid of our shed (more like a sieve!) and replaced it with a metal one twice its size. We have been saving so hard to get the rickety fence replaced and now that time has come, we have to dig up every plant we have to make way for the fence of all fences. And later, we will install raised beds so I can have my dream of country cottage flowers, all in random heights and stunning colours to make us all cheerful when we take a trip around the garden. I want delphiniums, foxgloves, cornflowers, black eyed susans, poppies, verbenas, sweet peas, geraniums, tulips, stocks, freesias and camellias. And for the pergola and arbor we want honeysuckle and wisteria. **dreaming already**

But to make way for the installation of our new fence, we have had to dig up ALL of our plants including my lovely Holly tree **cry cry**. It lived here

and now resides here before it goes in the skip tomorrow.

I will these cheery little berries every September :(

And the curly, spiky leaves? The edges seem to glow in the sun. Yeeeeps, I will miss it so.
It was a killer decision and one we had to really stress over. And then we pulled up my beautiful heather
and this thingy! **unsure of what plant it is** What have we done?!

The apple tree falls over from a neighbour and as pretty as they look, they have always been to hard for eating. I will go scrumping soon as they are good enough for mini tarts and pies. I will, of course, make my fave ever pud - which is apple charlotte. The arbour will go under the apple tree and was Ellie's suggestion to install one. She has this little wish to have a corner arbor with trailing and creeping plants entwined and if that's what the girl wants, that's what the girl can have **small pleasures**

And as the plans for throwing out plans wasn't painful enough, I received a lovely display of flowers today which made up for our grief.

To finish with, tonight? My adorable pooch who I love so much. Dependable, trusting and loved. How could you never adore such a creature?

Oooooooooh! I could just eat him.
And he could well eat the postman - Eddy has it in for that fella!


Jaki Morris said...

I feel so sad for Holly :-(
Couldn't she have gone in a big pot in the front garden?

Can't wait to see how your garden grows.
Have a good weekend

Lizzie said...

It's exciting to re-model, but there are always some regrets (well nearly anyway...). Couldn't you keep the holly tree and re-plant it once the fence is done? Wrap its roots up well in some sacks (if you have them), or maybe bubble-wrap - to keep moisture in - then water the roots well every day. Keep the tree in the shade... If you keep it damp at the roots, replant it before the frosts start and make a biiiig hole, with lots of compost, to give its roots room to grow etc, couldn't you re-plant it? Otherwise, try putting it on Freecyle - someone else might be very happy to have a lovely little tree for their own garden!

Good luck with the new fence and flower beds - Photos please, when done?!

Sue said...

Shame you had to dig up your existing plants. Rather than throw them, why not put them up on Freegle. I am sure someone would want them.

Your garden will look lovely when it's done.

Your pooch is indeed cute enough to eat;)

Fiona said...

I agree with Lizzie, shame to get rid of such a lovely specimen. If I could see a bit more of 'thingy' I might be able to name it.
Look forward to seeing some after 'after' pictures.

Fiona said...

Oops! just 'after' pictures.

TheBeautyLootyRoom said...

Please don't put Holly in landfill, pop her on freecycle, there will be plenty of people on there ready to give her a new home.

Lella Loves... said...

I think your photographs are lovely. The close-ups of the holly are Christmas card worthy! Love it and kiss for pup. Lella xx