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19 Aug 2011

Who loves Creamy Vintagey tones?

I do, I do!
I have a brand new section in my SHOP. Its an Action shop (but not like Arnie, all cammed up with heavy ammo and a Kalashnikov looking for a fight!). This is action numero uno but bear with me, more will come. Lots more will come! Actions are the new, new, new black in photography and although I rarely use them, I will be sharing my favourites including some of my work flow actions that will reveal quicker ways of procession your images.

I love those kind of actions that give skin tone a creamy, almost blemish free finish. The ones that lifts the darks and creates a subtle pop. So I decided to fiddle and faff and create a perfectly unique action called Vintage Cream. Its scalable too so that you can have control with its overall appearance too.

This one is £2.00 and will work in Photoshop (maybe the Elements version will come soon?!) I'm working on a Lightroom preset which is a whole new world to me as I normally only use sharpen and vibrance on my images!

I ran the action on my recent images too, so you can see how they work on every non-client shots too: Click on the image to enlarge
You can buy this diamond of an action
Keep your eyes peeled for more x

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