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1 Aug 2011

A whirlwind weekend

I've just about recovered from a whistle stop tour of the east, north and south of our nations capital. I probably walked the equivalent of the London Marathon and laughed more than a full audience at the Apollo. Ive seriously had one of the best weekends of my entire life.

On Thursday evening, you may recall, I had an interview and then Thursday night I went to a craft event in Islington. I want to blog about that in more detail, so I'll save that for tomorrow :)

On Thursday night I travelled across the city and over the river to my accommodation. Like I have mentioned before, I used a site called Airbandb to book a place to stay. You REALLY MUST try an use this facility when travelling here and abroad - its saves a pretty penny and is far more exciting than staying in a hotel where receptionists don't give a crap about who you are or where you came from. The people I stayed with were incredibly warm and intriguing and all the lovely adjectives you might use to describe the perfect hosts.

On Friday I made my way to Crystal Palace to meet my friend Rubes. I had offered to makeover her website and take photos of her salon and in return........OMG - I got a full body massage, had massage and facial. It was HEAVEN. I was that relaxed that I woke up from a loud snoring snort which made me laugh out loud and scare my masseuse, Magda. Poor thing, I bet she had a little heart attack from that. I have never, ever even heard myself snore. EVER. However, I had such a lovely day that teh rest of it was like I was tripping out from the super relaxed state that I was in. My lovely day spread right through to midnight at Rube's house - I just didn't want to go back to my accommodation but when I did, no sooner had my head hit the pillow, was I fast-a.

Saturday I got up bright and breezy for my trip into the city. It took 30 minutes to get to Covent Garden where I met such a GORGEOUS bunch of girls. 6 savvners all with dslr's just dying to be taken out of automatic and who were itching to learn new things. The day went down a treat with Jaki providing descriptions of various objects (relating to the male variety) on many an occasion. Honest to goodness, each girl brought something lively to the table and it made the agony of the theory lesson a thing of the past! We rounded the night off with a glass of wine as a whole party and then a meal at Maxwells as a small party - thank you ladies. I know my job was to teach you but in fact you taught me so much about a life I did not know existed outside my 4 walls.

Saturday night was spent at Rubes, perfecting everything she needed to complete her website herself. I did most of what I could and now Im super confident that Rubes can finish off the admin before it goes live soon. I could spend a lifetime with Rubes as her positivity and philosophy on life sure lifts me up from a lot of the hum drum of everyday life.

Sunday Morning and I was actually very sad to leave my hosts accommodation. They were so kind to me and trusted me in their home (and I trusted them and was grateful they didn't hack me into a million pieces). But another photo day was calling me and Rubes was taking me into the city on a quiet Sunday morning. We had a lovely breakfast in the sunshine before we met 3 other ladies for a day of dslr action. I couldn't believe me luck when I learned that I had collated another bunch of fantastic students who I wanted to share my Rubes with - man, she IS funny. She runs this amazing beauty salon and regaled us of the wonders of Brazilians (ouch!). NB: Fiona, my darling, if you are reading this - your comment in that department still makes me spew with laughter). At the end of another hot day, we ended up having cocktails in Covent Garden before I dragged my clobber to the train station for a luxurious 1st class trip back to wigan (in 2 hours!!!!). There I was greeted by my crazy pooch and hubby and I plonked myself down in the chair and totally switched off until 9am this morning.

Here are a few of my fave pics thats I took between practical sessions throughout the day. And oh, look! Not a park bench in sight ;)

This photo was part of the symmetrical/continual part of the day. I think besides rule of thirds, continual is one of my absolute faves. However, this tied in the symmetrical element. Ive given this a sepia wash to dramatise the feeling of being under one of Londons many bridges.

This was for fun. I ran the photo through a digital wash - Im quite pleased with how the colours muted into a vintage feel.

Continual again..............**sigh**

Um, continual again?!!!!

And um, again!

aaaaaaaaaaand a little abstract to finish up with.

I could write an entire book about how exhilarating this weekend was but luckily for you (if you managed to stay awake) I gave you the condensed version!

Finally - I did page two of my personal journal. This one is a quote relating to infinity. A word Belles and I use a LOT when we describe how much we love each other.

it reads:
I love you.
I love you to the moon and back.
No! I love you to the moon and planets and back.
No! I love you to infinity.
Aaaaah! But I love you to infinity plus 1 (I always win!)
Im really enjoying just spending an hour or so on these pages - making up my own rules and taking any direction I want. Its a great way to unwind.

Love Kirsty
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Sue said...

Glad you had a nice time. Fabby photos as ever.

Love the page and the quote.

Nicki said...

I am glad you had a lovely time, Your photos are fantastic.

I lurve your new book too.


Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Kirsty, was a fab time :) and so funny too! thank you for your time and energy... sign me up for the next one please:))
p.s. sent you my email on fb
Hugs xx

Fiona said...

Yes, I am reading this and wasn't it a great day with a fab group of girls? I so enjoyed it.
Pleased my comment is still giving you a chuckle, hope I didn't shock anyone!
Thanks Kirsty.

morris.jacqueline said...

I need to know what the comment was! You've shared my Gonad so it's only fair to share the Brazillian?
That was the best time with 6 strangers in a park that I've had in a long time!

Sarah xx said...

Oh what a happy day - loved it and all the new girly girls I've met and the wonderful things I learnt!!? Some more surprising than others??? can't remember Fi's comment and am concerned at how much time Jaki maybe spending in the park with strangers???
Hugs to you all xxx

Judi said...

Thanks for such an amazing time, Kirsty. I learnt so much - between the laughter!!! I actually can't believe so much sunk in as we laughed so much - to quote a sign I saw on holiday - I laughed so much, tears ran down my legs!
A fab day with a lovely bunch of 'ladies' all put at ease by your down to earth approach and the simple terms you use.
Can thoroughly recommend this course!

Judi xx

Rooby Whishes said...

I had such a fab weekend too. You are just so funny, such a light, and loving energy, and an amazing teacher. Thank you for leaving beautiful creative sprinkles in my life. The course was so valuable. I took pictures of my family last night, and they were so happy with the results, and thats after just one day with you. Cant wait to do a one to one, and cant wait to see you soon. xxx

morris.jacqueline said...

Judi, I need your contact details!! Or flickr

morris.jacqueline said...

OMG Fiona, is that you from Gatwick Handling? It's Jaki from DCS!!!!!!!!
What a small world

Fiona said...

OMFG Jackie, I can't believe it is you! I didn't know you were making cushion covers now otherwise I might have put 2 and 2 together.