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11 Aug 2011

Wet and Wild Edinburgh

Last weekend I went up to Edinburgh to teach photography to 5 lovely girls. I arrived on the Friday hoping to make a full weekend of exploring the city too. Friday was lovely and warm and exciting because the "fringe" had just started and there were hundreds tourists gathering on the mound in search of comedy. My friend Sam met me to show me the sights from as locals point of view and i found it all rather spectacular. We spotted a few celebs on the way including Abi Titmus (actually with her clothes on!!!) and The Hamiltons (whom were very charming to us!). Before long it was time for Sam to drop me off at my accommodation only when I had "booked" in, my room was not a room as such but more of a thoroughfare to the kitchen - I was mortified. I think Sam must have sensed it was not particularly enthralling as she text me an hour later asking if i needed to be rescued. Thank the lord for her sixth sense else I would have been trampled on during the night as one of the many other guests would have squished my heeeeed! Sam, you are an angel!

Sam and her friend Janet invited me to an open house art exhibition soon after my rescue which was as much bizarre as it was interesting. I scoffed a few olives, rubbed shoulders with eccentric artisans and kept eyeing the door hoping for further escape. With my heart still pumping with adrenalin from my escape from the "commune", the night got weirder and weirder. Sam and Janet and I went back to Sams to talk about the wonders of life via a bottle of fizz which was far more artistic than anything that I had seen that day! Hooray for fizz!

The next day I promised myself a trip around Edinburgh with my cameras and adventure was high on the agenda. Only when I got into the city did the heavens open and they had no signs of stopping. I barely took a picture all day and I had no coat with me and if it wasn't for meeting Elaine, a facebook buddy, I think I might have just ended up in the library reading books about how clever it would be to pack a coat and umbrella when travelling to scotland! Elaine, by the way, was so sweet and funny and kind that it almost felt sunny through the drizzle.

I head back to Sams to babysit her BEAUTIFUL son, Alex. Can you say that about a boy? I think you can - look......

Not only babysitting for Sam a great way of repaying her for allowing me to stay at her house but taking photos of her son was another gift I wanted to give her to reflect the gratefulness I felt. I loved babysitting for Alex. I brought lots of disgustingly fattening/tooth rotting goodies to scoff on the night which, thankfully, didn't provide the sugar rush I expected. It did, however, more or less gave us licence to cheat at Monopoly as we pilfered the bank and gave ourselves generous hands outs throughout the course of the game. Oh we did have such a laugh!

The next day I met the girls for photography in the city and yup, it was still chucking it down. This made me sad because it meant we couldn't roam the city and practice shooting in different locations. Instead we took respite on this bridge/walkway which had amazing light and was partially covered to protect us from the drizzle/rain/downpour.
I think we managed to make light of the situation and just cope with it all.

Here are the girls, under the said cover of the bridge:

I had such a good day with Sue, Jackie, Beckie, Jill and Margaret and was particularly pleased with how quick they grasped the concept of depth of field. So the rain may have hampered a few things but it didn't take away their spirit x

Later this week, we were reunited with this bundle of curls after 2 weeks apart. Oh my poor heart was aching for her so much. She just lights up my life and soothes my soul - without her Id be an empty shell.

She had just sat in a wet bench here - i love her giggling faceSo glad she is back for a while before she goes off to her Nanny's for another holiday!

Finally, after the RIDICULOUS state of most cities in the UK after various looting incidents, my photog weekend in Birmingham is cancelled. However, I won't be beaten and am going to relocate the event to Solihull. I have a couple of spaces left if anyone is keen to spend the day with us, learning how to use your DSLR. Contact me HERE if you would like to know more. You can read more about what is involved HERE

Phew, big post! Ooooo and whilst Im here, Im pencilled in for QVC on 7th and 13th Sept then 5th October. I'll keep you posted x


Terrie B x said...

Well what beautiful photos ,sounds like you all had fun...
Alex is `Gorgeous` and well
Belle is such a delight...TFS:) xxx

Anonymous said...

wonderful to see Belle doing so well and enjoying her hoiliday many do so little. As for accommodation I would stick to registered places from now on if I were in that situ!

Sue said...

As always fab photos. Your friends son's eyes are just beautiful.

Hope all goes well with Solihull and also QVC.

Fiona said...

Wow what a weekend Kirsty! Fab photo's, Alex is going to be a heartbreaker when he's older. Glad you have Ellie back for a while before she goes off to her nan's, you must miss her so much.
I'm doing your recipe tonight!

Sam said...

Ohhh Kirsty my wee man looks gorgeous! Thank you sooooo much! Was great to see you x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Belle...amazing pic of her and beach huts!
bright,stripy love to the Curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as usual Kirsty. Alex is indeed beautiful - oh I pity the girls when he gets bigger... lol. And Belle, as always, is looking a little heart-stopper - what a gorgeous smile your girl has. I have been to Edinburgh just about every year for the last 10 and it's now a joke with DH and I.... It's raining. It must be Edinburgh. It doesn't spoil our enjoyment of that amazing city though. But I must have been walking round with my eyes closed because I don't know that bridge/covered walkway. Pleeeease put me out of my misery and tell me where I can find it? Jude.x