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2 Aug 2011

The Tuesday magazine

Today is a magazine post - its a real hodge podge/ mish mash of schtuff really and I couldn't think of a cool blog title.

Last Thurs
I mentioned that I would dedicate a blog posting about my craft night last Thursday. I was invited to join a class sponsored by Snapfish and Natalie Futter at Edelamn to The Make Lounge in Islington. It was fantastic. I had NO idea what we were going to be doing and it turned out that we were going to make rubber stamps from scratch with these mini carving tools. Well, I was tickled pink.

I made these stamps here and OK - they are not as good as the polymer clings I usually design but remember that these are hand carved.
What a thrill to just get stuck in and create! I wanted to create a retro, block-print style of stamp and as I didn't want to waste the leftovers from our a6 sized sheet of rubber - I made dinky little stamps for dinky cards and notelets.

My new journal page

This is going to be great for mens cards or late cards!

A simple little erm, thingy!

And my sweet dinky camera - hello? I love you!

If you are in travel distance of The Make Lounge I thoroughly recommend that you pick up the phone, dial and go have fun.

100mm Macro
Ive been desperate for this lens for, like, ever. Its the Canon (of course) 100mm F2.8 IS USM version which is capable of helping me take lovely pics like these. On balance, Im pretty pleased with my results but come the use of its proper focal distance (as opposed to macro) this lens is a bit bloody brilliant.

Not so much macro but still pwitty......... (click to see this enlarged as blogger compresses images most ridiculously)

Super macro! (click to see this enlarged as blogger compresses images most ridiculously)

A rose, unfurling, after a a summer shower (click to see this enlarged as blogger compresses images most ridiculously)

and who can resist super sharp dripping droplets from laurel leaves? I know I can't! (click to see this enlarged as blogger compresses images most ridiculously)
And finally -
some of you might know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Helena Bonham Carter, she is my fave actress ever. Coming up the rear is Audrey Tattou (of Amelie fame). I simply cannot wait for this film to be released and yes, its in french (subtitled) but .......... sigh, she is LOVELY!

See this trailer ........

Who is coming with me?


Vicky said...

Your stamps are fab! Gotta get me some speedy carve x

Jules said...

Your stamps are fab! What a great idea. I was invited to the class at The Make Lounge, but was gutted that couldn't get there :(

Sue said...

I love the intense look on the ladies faces as they make the rubber stamps.

Fab creations.

Fiona said...

What AMAZING photo's Kirsty, the first picture of the phaelonopsis is just breathtaking. The film looks like it will be right up my street, I loved Amelie and that other one she was in, about WW1.

jodpea said...

I love her too, but I dont think much of her hair in that film! I've seen Amelie so many times I dont even need to read the subtitles anymore...Wonder if that film will be at all cinemas or just a select few?

DGgirl said...


These shots are sooooo fab. I could have ever so slightly unrealistic expectations come Sunday LOL!!!!!!


Bumblebee said...

Your camera stamp is my fave, its so cute, but the tie is also coolio!

Jen said...

Ooh I lurve Natalie Baye and Audrey Tautou :) I'll be watching that. As for the stamps, coooool. And you HAVE to sell those photos as greeting cards/canvases/fine art prints...... :)

Anonymous said...

I too love Audrey Tatou (think I have spelt it right) and in my head I am as lovely, stylish and talented as she is1 LOVE Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. I also love french films (yes I know it is not a genre of its own) but they are so atmospheric. Have you seen Betty Blue ( 80;s film -fab)

Caroljenks said...

Great stamps you carved - love your erm, thingy! ;)

And those photos - WOW! They are STUNNING!

Carol x

Liberty said...

i am looking for a new lens for my nikon i'd love it if you could recommend something for me...?