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24 Aug 2011

A slick of colour

Belles was set keen to have a little colour about her today as I'd promised to take pics of her and her two cousins for a little family shoot today. As her cousin, Megan, is a typical young teenage girl who likes her make up and music, I feel Belles has been influenced slightly in the past two weeks. Just a few mannerisms have come to light since she has been home has certainly made me aware of Megan's influence. So this morning she asked for a bit of make up and something completely new.......... bear with me.

Belles nails have always been beautiful. They have a natural ability to keep their shape and never, EVER chip (unlike mine!). With Belles dexterity being pretty poor, its no wonder she can keep her nails beautiful. And now with a set of fab talons, it wasn't long before she asked me for a slick of colour on them, this morning! WOW! I thought - we can manicure every week now....such a fun prospect for us both.
And as I've recently grown my nails back in prep for their Tv debut, I have bought a couple of new colours to try out. And so now Belles has looked them over and she then chose a GORGEOUS red shade from Rimmel called Movie Star. Its peppered with a muted mica tone and is currently getting an airing on my nails, too!

Just think of the fun both she and I are going to have now with our girly, long nails, from now on. It's about blummin' time, Belles!


S said...

For pretty nails, another thing you can do is to get one of the 4-way buffers, they make your nails shine like crazy with no varnish (which I end up chipping and ruining in about 10 seconds flat anyway).

Bettyann said...

have fun girls....just had a lovely pedicure....fab.

Sue said...

I can't wear nail varnish for more than a few minutes before it's cracked also.

Belles nails look great.

Lianne said...

She has beautiful had and hair! I'm so jealous!

Lianne said...

That should say hands!

Belinda said...

The longer you wait, the longer you yearn the sweeter it feels!
So pleased that Belle has come home having gained this new perspective.
Olivia is such a tomboy I too will have a long wait I'm sure! But then as you will have seen I am by no stretch a sparkling role model on the glam front!!
Loving the nail colour Belle chose! x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Ellie has the most beautiful, elegant pair of hands; so delicate with long fingers and gorgeous nails. Loving this colour on your grown up girlie xx

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Im so glad for you both. Mind you you may get a bit peeved off with this new found 'girly time' when she nicks all your favourite colours of polish and eye shadows, never puts the stuff back after borrowing it....and then swears blind that those polishes are hers and she bought them!!!

Clair said...

Oooohh.. 'Girly time' is simply the BEST time...Enjoy every moment!!! xxx