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10 Aug 2011

Proud to be British (ish)

Why acknowledge and waste blog space about whats going on in the UK right now? Well, acknowledge the bad stuff anyway? I want to highlight the good that comes in response to this DISGUSTING state of violence which comes after 4 days of mindless looting and terror.

Did you hear about -

* The guy on twitter who offered to buy back the contents of that poor boys back pack (whom was mugged after being beaten to a pulp?).... I offered to donate a tenner too!

just me

* The girls in London who gave out cupcakes to cheer everyone up?
"In front of the KFC on the corner of Coldharbour Lane in Brixton, which also had its windows smashed, the proprietor of a local bakery was giving out free cupcakes.

The owner, who would only give her name as Ms Cupcake, said:

"Brixton is about love. Who cares if people didn't show love last night? We wanted to show there is kindness in Brixton."

* The people who came together to clean up the streets after everyone else? - a truly selfless act of solidarity.

* Have you seen the Anti-riot.... Operation Cup of Tea campaign on Facebook which brings people together by sharing pictures of you drinking a cup of tea? (I joined!).

* And the groups of friends signing in and checking that their kids are in the house and up to some GOOD! ie not looting.

* This girl on twitter:
Katie Khan


Debo said...

My daughter told me about Operation Cup of Tea and we're both going to join in tonight! What a wonderful idea!

I am so heartened by the stories of people coming together to clear up and protect their communities - THIS is the real British spirit!

Well done, Kirsty! Trust you to come up with a positive perspective!


morris.jacqueline said...

If only everyone could be more positive. Maybe they should have a look at the pictures of the children dying of starvation in Africa and realise that maybe life here is just fine actually.

Well done Kirsty and I too shall join the cup of tea brigade!

Judi said...

Well done, Kirsty, for being so positive and highlighting the fact that we will always have the true British spirit come what may!

Jaki - you've hit the nail on the head there.

Jen said...

Thank you Kirsty! I am going to link to this, because it echoes what I was thinking. And I was also thinking what Jaki said - when the news flicked from the riots to Africa, well, all I could think was, the kids here have NO CLUE! If the riots come to my town I'm joining the clean-up operation #riotwombles....

Sue said...

Well done for your post. Agree we need to see thye positive - BUT - we need to get on top of this situation and stamp it out fast.

Anonymous said...

thank you. If the people who were involved in this situation had parents who had some sort of pride in who they are there would not have been a problem. Keep spreading the positives and maybe one day these people will learn to be thankful for the things they have and work towards improving their education and therefore income and stop demanding others care for them and give them things because they are so hard done by [ not!]

Anonymous said...

Me and my family've just been back from a two weeks holiday in your country (we were in Norfolk) and I can only say that all the British people we met were nice to us. I loved your country befor our holiday but now I am totally in love with it and I can fully understand why you are proud to be British. Our family will be drinking a cup of tea at our house here in Holland and be thinking of Operation Cup of Tea and hope for your country that everything will be quiet in a short time.

Love Ingrid xxx

Anonymous said...

I love random acts of kindness...
i.e all of what you highlighted Kirsty.. I believe there to be far more love than hate and greed in our wonderful land of hope and glory... I really do hope so...
Peace and love to all, Heather xxxxx

Jayne W said...

Here's one I read yesterday so sad but uplifting at the same time:


Katie Khan said...

Thank you so much for highlighting the little I did. x