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27 Aug 2011

New Class - Life is Beautiful

I've loved the last two classes, I truly have but I want to step it up a few gears and turn this class into a book of beautiful things. Its rammed with technique, techniques that I have researched, trialled and admired but brought together in my own, sweet way.

Click the pic to enlarge: The blue painted, triple layered book print is stitched in with the doiley. Yes, I used a sewing machine but you can either hand stitch in big, chunky stitches or just adhere with glue

I love how organza frays. This piece is stitched onto the book print

Lace and mists and paints and gesso - so much to touch and feel.

This class will also have a kit but will also use the kind of stuff you have most likely got in your home....... everything else is pretty much similar in product to my last two classes. You know, ink, paint, tags, mists, cardboard, scrap card etc.

Each page is layered and layered and layered. Did I say its layered? I'm talking several layers of delicious technique and colour coupled with quotes about a beautiful life; a real treasure to have in your home to stroke, show off and admire.

The kit/no kit supplies you will need are: spray inks or liquid inks, paints, organza (frays beautifully), fabric scraps, scraps of scrapbook paper, scraps of card, access to a sewing machine (although not entirely necessary), needle, thread, paintbrushes, a stapler, decorative stamps, masks (if you have them), gesso, corrugate cardboard, tags (large through to tiny - but you can make your own from scrap card), eyelets, utee, journal pen, felt, book print, newsprint, a brayer, beads

There will be one video per 5 PAGES because its labour intensive - quite unlike my last two classes which were taught in 2 hours (ish, as you know ;)). There will be a manual, like you have become accustomed to, and a facebook page to enjoy the process with friends.

You can buy this class HERE but the first release of videos and the manual will not be available until 2nd Octt. Once you sign up, I will give you access to the Private facebook group too.

I will be making an exact replica of the book too, which I am going to sell for the sponsored walk to Machu Picchu (see the left of this page about my "Just Giving" money raiser).

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Andrea said...

Brilliant idea - v uplifting!

Maz said...

Oooh. Looking forward to doing another class with you! x

Debo said...

Kirsty - you are amazing!

(When is the Macchu Picchu walk? is this why you started the C25K?)

Joan said...

i've paid thru paypal, what do i do now?? thanks, joan