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21 Aug 2011

Love him so

I think I've mentioned this before but years ago, I had no regard for animal lovers. I just wasn't into animals at all. Yes, they were cute but I'd never get the whole "I adore my dog/cat/fish" thing. I think I even used to think that about children at one point. But then, when you don't have neither, how can you appreciate the bond?

Then I had Ellie of course, my one pure natural bond that is so powerful, I think it could light up the world for the rest of eternity. And then we got Eddy. And we only thought about getting a dog after going to see our friend in The USA - she has three dachsies. That trip was life changing in so many ways and how we fell in love with those little rascals. How can you not fall in love with a pet who just wants to be loved and wants to love you as much back? And looking back, how could I have been that person in the past? I'm so ashamed that I had a disregard for animal lovers. I truly am.

The moment we bought Eddy was incredible. It was like we had managed to find all this amazing love from out of thin air. I just didn't think I had any more love to give. But you manage, just like you manage when you come to the end of the money and the bank is looking a little bleak ;) This boy is amazing and trusting and loving and cuddly and so precious that I often think I might die from my declaration.

This is one of his first official shoots

He is always kissing me (taken feb 2011)

A tender cuddle from Mark (this was taken yesterday)

Brither and sister (Taken 2009)

Ellie likes to wrap him up like a baby on the sofa!
On Friday night, however, I thought we were going to lose him. On Friday I almost fell apart and that Friday will haunt me forever. Mark and I went to take him on a lengthy walk on pastures new. We are surrounded by lakes and flashes around here, so there are many paths (and geocaches!) to explore. We are very fortunate that we can let Eddy off the lead as he is faithful and in no way a threat to other dogs let alone people. And believe me, these breeds are notorious for running away at the slightest wiff of rabbit or badger! We have worked hard to train him to come to us on demand and more often than not, he is only a few paces behind or in front of us as he sniffs around and inspects new spaces.

We were on our way back from a cache find when out of nowhere, a staffordshire bull terrier met our path and it stood there without his owner in sight. We shouted to Eddy to come to us but by then the Staffs had gone to investigate little Eds and at first, the Staffs seemed playful. But as quick as you could register such a thought, was there a terrible, most ferocious attack on eddy that I almost passed out from screaming. I should have known not to trust such a dog and after only a minute of screaming and bitings and growling coupled with Mark beating the Staffs away from Eddy, the owner appeared out of the marshland to see what was wrong. Fortunately the owner came to retrieve the Staffs and in good time as Mark was frantically trying to collect Eddy in his arms whilst I screamed like a banshee - mainly out of fright and horror.

Luckily Eddy had no bite marks or scratches but we do think the Staffs came off worse as Mark beat it away from little Eds. The owner was apologetic but he was, sadly, under the influence and stereotypically the type of owner that uses Staffs as a status symbol. I'm sorry to have to be judgemental on that score but I do have friends who are responsible Staffs owners and their dogs are as soft as butter - an owner simply must control their dog. So you can imagine that I am particularly wary of Staffs owners in this area who seem to be allowed to cross breed their dogs illegally and allow them to run off the lead and attack at will - its just not on.

We do love little Eds so much and during the scrat on Friday night I thought we were going to lose him and I could never imagine our lives without him. Its making me well up now. How precious our pets can be, it truly makes my heart ache thinking about the time he will have to depart this life **pulls an "ugly cry" face at the thought**

Link me to some of your fave pet piccies xx


Anonymous said...

Oh Kirsty my heart did a leap some where into my throat.. Thank heavens poor Eddy is ok.. Funny how people react to life's situations.. What I mean is it's a blessing your hubby was there to fight off the dog, you where in trauma mode(as to be expected) I would have been too.. Think you would have found inner strengh from some where though to protect little Edd.. Mother and baby cub ect ect..I have a beautiful rabbit but no clue how to upload a photo lol... Anyway big hugs to you all
love Heather x

Tracey said...

I totally agree on all counts, unless you are the owner of a pet you do not realise how special and important they become as part of the family, when they are threatened in any way it is like a little piece of ourselves is also under attack. And as for irresponsible owners - dont get me started, a friend almost lost their dog to an attack and it devastated the whole family, just because the d***head of an owner wasn't being responsible, I believe all owners should have a licence and any owner that mistreats an animal or allows that animal to become a nuisance should be punished and their licence revoked, no person or animal should have to suffer the ordeal you, Mark and little Eddy suffered this weekend hon ((((big hugs ))))

Here is my little pooch ( at bottom of post - )

Wrightboysmum said...

I'm so glad Eddy is okay and Mark was there as well.
I have a labradoodle resting his head on my lap as I type. My current fav photo of him is here
I had exactly the same experience when Chewie was a puppy and the guy wasn't even apologetic. I gave him such a tongue lashing but I was shaking all the way home.

naomi_m said...

I'm glad Eddy is ok. I see too many dog bites at work. This is my beautiful Kizzy cat.

Buzzard Girl said...

I was so sorry to hear about Eddy (I am terrified of Staffs and always cross the street when I seen them…even though they maybe on a lead). In 2006 I was given a Rabbit and Guinea Pig. Both lived in my house. My Rabbit was house trained so how the whole run of the house. I lived on my own for a while and he was great company. Sadly he died in Jan this year…he may have been to some people just a rabbit but I loved him so much and miss him dearly. I still have my little Guinea Pig. For a small creature she has a BIG personality and I could not be without her. She is getting old now and last week had to have an op to remove a thyroid tumour from her neck. It was touch and go but she is making a remarkable recovery. So I completely understand your love for The Edster!!
Anyway, just wanted to post a pic because she is the most stunning little creature you have ever seen!!

Sue said...

Glad Eddy is ok.

As you say not all staffs are like that and certainly not all owners are that irresponsible.

Mandy said...

SO glad Eddy is ok. Big hugs.

Katey said...

oh sad story. i am glad your little guy is okay after all that.

Here is a link to my blog with some photos of my puppies!

Happy Sunday!

Sarah xx said...

Oh Kirsty this is awful - made me cry at the end of your post. It reminded me of when I lost my Ralph a couple of years ago :(
I know just what you mean though, and you may laugh at my little ratties but just imagine them as tiny weeny Eddys and you will understand my feelings for them!
Hugs to you both xxx

Carol said...

Hola Kirsty,

I am so glad Eddy is okay, I know what you must of been going through, I have been in the same situation and at that moment felt like killing the owner. I have just lost my baby cavvie, Travis and still feel empty.

Look forward to seeing you in September mi amiga.
Carol x

Carol said...

Forgot to put my link, my beautiful boy Travis.

Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh My goodness I felt sick for you too. Poop Eddy. Glad he is ok but bet he is a lot more timid now. I used to be scared of dogs (well Petrified) But now I have one of my own and boy I love her with all my heart. So I know exactly where you are coming from. A week after we got Belle a Lady was out walking her dog in a local park when a staffy attacked and killed it, the staffy owner just left the scene. Never to be seen again. Its sickening. Here is a link to the first Blogging Belle did only a few weeks ago. She is just 15 weeks now!!! Sending you big hugs and licks from Belle for Eddy xx Hazelxo
Heres Belle.

Timeless Expressions said...

Oh poor Eddie.. and poor you's too!! What a horrible thing to happen. Thankfully, ours are like little Ed, and don't tend to wonder too far off the lead.. hopefully he won't be too traumatised!

Here are mine.. hope you like them.

Fiona said...

Kirsty, I used to be like you were, i.e. not really an animal lover. I was frightened of dogs, stemming from when I was a child and had to deliver stuff to a household which owned a Jack Russell which always tried to shag my leg!! However I'm over my dog phobia now and have been a cat owner for the past ten years. I absolutely adore my Prudy and can't imagine being without her, she has been a comfort to me so much recently. Can so understand your feelings and horror when poor Eddie was attacked, thank goodness he is safe. He is a beautiful fellow.
love Fi xx

Jenny said...

*hugest hugs* That has to be the biggest shock ever. I can't imagin my life without my furbaby in it! My MIL to be owns a rotwiler. It is he as soft as clarts (and runs away from small dogs, poodles, daschunds!). A real case of what the right nurture can do. I hope Eddie isn't too traumatised. And you for that matter. Take care :)

Christine said...

How terrifying and I would have definitely reacted the same way, so relieved Eddy came through that ordeal relatively unscathed. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was a cat person and then we welcomed Bella into our home - oh my - how things are changing, all for the better - she is a bundle of life changing fluff! Here she is

Michelle said...

My heart was in my mouth for you guys. Glad everything is OK - poor Eddy. I've never been a dog person either (bitten as a child) but we now have a six month old gorgeous black lab called Chloe who is the love of our life. Bought to try and get my teenage daughter Emily out of the terrible blight of depression. She was recently scared by another dog whilst off the lead, and bolted home - across a major dual carriage way! It still makes me feel sick about what could have happened just cos the other owner couldn't control her dog. How would Emily have coped, nevermind the rest of us? These little fur bundles burrow their way into our hearts. Lots of love x x

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

So sorry to read about your horrible incident with Eddy - so pleased that he is OK though... just the thought that it could have been much worse is horrible. When my Tilly was just 4 months old she got attacked but luckily she was on her lead and we yanked her up and away from the jaws of the dog that tried to attack her she was wailing like I've never heard before and I was SOOOOOO upset - the owners of the dog didn't give a s**t and just walked away I was too wrapped up in shock myself to speak to them.... It was hubby's birthday and we were supposed to be going out for a meal that night but I just couldn't go out and leave her - that girl just absolutely melts my heart and I love her so much it hurts so I KNOW exactly how you must have felt....

Big hugs from me and a lick from Tilly here is a link to one of my fave photos of her....on an old blog post from last year..

If I knew how to use photoshop I could erase away her lead..... I'm sure you would have some tips for me for a better shot - but hopefully when you come to my neck of the woods for your photography day I will get lots from you (so can't wait!!)

Anyway I've blabbed on for ages now. Give Eddy big hugs from me.


Alison Horne said...

This must have been terrifying, glad he's ok.
you can calm down by looking at my cue kitty.

Helen T said...

I'm glad that Eddy is ok, sadly not all dog owners in control of their dogs. May you all have many more years together as a family.

Mandy,Crafty Angel, the original said...

oh god no, that is my worse nightmare, we had to the same thing happen to our little frodo, I too wailed like a banshee and screamed, the other dog was so much bigger she just shuck him around like a rag doll, now he survived I will never know, you see your whole life with your pet flash before you. my heart goes out to you, its terrible, hope little eddie is doing ok now and hopefully he has forgotten all about it, hugs xxx

Judi said...

Know just how you feel, Kirsty. My darling girl - the most beautiful Golden Retriever who we had to say goodbye to a month ago, at the age of 14, and now I am totally devastated and empty - had been attacked by little dogs a few times in her life. Bless her, she was so submissive and other dogs seemed to pick up on this. It is terrifying though and has made me nervous about getting another dog as there are so many irresponsible dog owners out there that just don't train their dogs.

I don't have a blog but you can see pictures of my beautiful blonde on flickr (bit of a dummy so don't know how to direct you there! but my flickr name is Judi May) The photo's were taken before your fabulous photo course, Kirsty, so they aren't amazing but the subject was beautiful and sadly we lost her a few days before the course so I was unable to use my new found skills to take more photo's of her but you and the other fabulous ladies on the course certainly helped take my mind off things as we laughed and learned so much.

So glad you and your precious boy are both okay, the outcome could have been so much worse, it doesn't bear thinking about, hope neither of you are too shaken by the event and I hope you don't meet those awful dogs again. xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Blimey Kirsty! So glad Eddie is okay, and you too. Big yay for Mark for stepping in. I'm not a massive animal person anymore, partly through having children. I hate the way some owners think its okay for their dogs to charge at the kids and lick them or belt around them. Yes they mey be friendly but the kids are small, they don't know how they will react, and at the end of the day if my children did that to the owners they would be calling the police to get them an ASBO. Hope you don't come across this dog / chap again.

mckinkle said...

Big hugs to Eddy firstly and thank GOODNESS he is ok and safe.

Im exactly the same as you as I live in an area where these dogs are used as an emblem and not a pet. I always avoid contact with as many as I can even if it does offend their owners, I cant help it - Id rather be safe than sorry though.

In the spring I was in the same situation as you but with 2 little jack russells instead of your Eddy when out of the blue tore across a staffy who at first looked friendly and playful - meanwhile Im trying to get my girls back to me when it all turned sour and all I could hear was blood curdling screams/howls (which were from me Im not sure!).
My only option was to get to the dogs who where all now scrapping and as the staffy had a big body harness on, I lifted him up by it and removed him from the situation. He was NOT happy and trying to get to me but somehow I managed not to get bitten!
Slowly across the field plodded a frail OAP who was this dogs owner and he asked me what I was doing to his dog as he'd missed the commotion!
I was speechless and just handed the dog back and got mine leaded up and straight back to the car.
My heart was thundering away for the whole journey home!

Even if you are on your own Kirtsy you would have gone into 'protector' mode so dont worry, your doggy would have been rescued by you.

My dogs are my daily delights and I love them to bits.
There are many shots of them on my blog for you to see if you fancy!

Keryn x

Sarah said...

Aww sooo sorry to hear of your terrifying ordeal :-( How awful for you.

I would be devastated if anything happened to one of our fur babies, one of which is an adorable and very silly Staffie girl called Belle.

I do think this breed gets rough press and am sick to death of people avoiding me in the park like I have the plague I am a responsible dog owner and we do let our girl off over the park, but put her on the lead if there are other dogs around but only because of the reaction of other dog owners, not because my Belle would attack another dog. I have two small kids and a Persian whom if I thought she'd hurt she'd be straight down the vets!

My mum and dad also have a Staffie and she was attacked by another Staffie outside their house, she didn't come off as well as Eddy and ended up having loads of stitches. Poor pooch.

Sara said...

oh Kirsty my heart was in my mouth whilst reading that post. Thank God Mark was there, i'd have been exactly like you, frozen with fear.

What you said about those types of breeds is also true to where I live. Our local RSPCA is full of Staffys that need homes. It's such a shame that beautiful dogs are used as a status symbol and often breeded multiple times for drug money.

I have a Golden Retriever called Lily, she's my furbaby, my world and she sends lots of licks and kisses to Eddy xx

Deb said...

Oh god, how terrifying for all of you. I'm so glad he's OK. There are so many of those horrible dogs around these days, and so many owners who couldn't care less about letting them roam loose to do what they want. One had a lunge at my two little Yorkies recently, but thankfully our gate was between them. I really wish they'd ban people from letting them off the lead. Thank goodness your story had a happy ending. Hugs to him, and to you!

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

That must have been so terrifying. When Archie was still with us I had two near escapes with him. One with a staff and one with a rottie and I was shaking like a leaf :( I am linking up this lovely pic of our beautiful Archie who left us on 5th April. We still miss his so much it hurts. Hopefully you will have many many more years of happiness with Eddy - dogs definitely are a man and womens's and kids best friend xxxx

Kate said...

Kirsty, I'm really late getting to this (just getting a chance to catch up on blogs) but I saw on your FB what had happened. I''m so sorry you all had to go through this, it's not on! As you said it is the owners responsibility to keep their dogs under control.
I'm so glad Eddy is ok, please give him an extra cuddle from me!

And yes you had me crying at the end of it too because as you know I had to say goodbye to my Susie in Feb. Here's my fave pic of her.

Make the most of everyday you have with them and take lots and lots of pics. I didn't realise how many I had taken until I gathered them all in one place but I'm so glad to have them all, they make me smile!