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28 Aug 2011

Life is Beautiful - sneak 1

After yesterdays launch of my new online class, Life is Beautiful, I will be sharing sneaks before it goes live on the 1st Sept.

The yellow in this makes me feel so chirrupy! I don't think I care that chirrupy is not even a proper word!

Corrugated card just steals my lil ole heart

If you are interested in signing up, read the post below this one to find out more. You can book the class here. Come on, get some colour and mucky fingers in your life :)

C25K progress:
Week 1 complete. Pace has gone from 13:30 to 12:47 to 11:43 which I'm so surprised at but I am determined to beat my averages on every run. What am i doing to myself?!
Week 2 starts on Tuesday.
Anyone else doing this program?

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1 comment:

Lianne said...

I love that sneak! So much to see. And what have you started with this c25k? I've only gone and downloaded the app!!!!!!