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20 Aug 2011

Have a reat day?!

Up here, in Wigan, we don't talk proper or anything (!!!).
We don't say have a "Great" day.
No. Nuh-uh. A-huh.
We say have a "reat" day.
Well, according to my cards, we do!
oh OK.........of course, it actually does say "Great" but my ribbon is hiding it.
So, it is.
And if you look close, I actually used a peel off. Twice. So ner!

Then comes this majestic bunch of colour-fi-cation. A House of 3 number no doubt drawn up by the lovely hands of Rhonna Farrer. Has anyone met her before? I was lucky to meet her in Paris (2006) at a scrapbook event - wow, that was my "I can't speak" moment when I did. I also used a peel off on here too.......see, I'm stepping into the darkside!

And there are my quick makes for today.

Tune in tomorrow as I have a demonstration video using the fantastico "FlexMarkers" from Letraset. I'm going to be using some of THIS lovley girls digi stamps too!


Sue said...

Both fab cards.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you hide the ribbon and string on the inside? wondering how you do this as it would surely look tatty and so cheap if it is tied inside and left showing? can you explain when using huge pieces of ribbon how you fasten it to give a professional appearance.thanks ..its just I saw Dawn Bibby do something with this and she just tied it inside and left it all showing and said it was lovely us it looked dreadfully cheap, tatty and like a 2 year olds play day activity! Thanks