Ladies Camera Club

7 Aug 2011

Flex marker winner

Thank you to all that entered! I have randomly picked a winner whilst sat on my train home from Edinburgh. I forced an old man passing by to pick a winner as I scrolled the comments by and he fell in love with NICKY .......... (qwiksave), your luck is in there, hunny........ in more ways than one!!

Tomorrow I will be updating about my trip to Edinburgh and also I can make a little announcement! I'm like a pig in muck xx


Sue said...

Congrats Nicky.

Looking forward to your announcement Kirsty. Wonder if it's to do with the interview you had:)

Anonymous said...

It's tomorrow already!!! (to be said in New Yoik accent) Come on - update!!!!
Love Nina B

mariegoodwyn said...

I'm really happy to hear how many cool things are happening - good for you!

qwiksave said...

Thanks must go to the man on the train for picking my name out. I'm so excited to hear that I've won some of the new brush Promarkers! Thanks Kirsty x