Ladies Camera Club

14 Aug 2011

Dear Insane Rioters

You might have ruined the planned photo day in Birmingham this week but you forgot that I'm smarter than you! he heeee, I took the class in Solihull instead and you know whats? It's lovely there. Its a mix of 70's shopping arcades entwined with the old town which is quaint and pretty and oldy-worldy. In hindsight, you little twerpy beings, you did us a favour!

I taught these three gorgeous girlies, Sue, Sue and Zoe.

Zoe, the girl in the middle, is one of my oldest friends ever. I met her in 1987 when I joined the RAF and we went through training together. I think she is lovely. As for the two Sue's? They did nothing but giggle all day - they are in my lovely club too. The day went far too fast but in the end, lovely photos had been taken and fun was had by all.

Finally, I finished off this card tonight by forcing myself not to use coloured cardstock.
To read more about how I did it, click HERE


Sue said...

Glad you had a fab time in Solihull.

Loving the card.

Fiona said...

So pleased the rioters did not manage to ruin your day. Your Cheery Chorizo Chicken was a triumph, Auntie has gone home with recipe!