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13 Aug 2011

Call myself a scrapbooker?

Oh what to call yourself these days is ridiculous, Kirsty. You scrapbook, yes, but you also make cards, take photographs, paint and stamp and ink and faff and play and fiddle and all sorts. And when you woke up this morning, you were suddenly overcome with an identity crisis and asked yourself "what am I?". But rather than sit there and try and figure out what it is you actually do regularly (I mean that - what do you do regularly?!), you just went into your playroom and finished off this layout and put this simple "Greetingless" card together.

I was inspired to do a hybrid title after seeing this layout, here
I am going to have to get used to hybrids when it comes to presenting on QVC as I'm not always going to have alpha stickers that I can use for many projects - and that's a good thing. I forget how trusty my printer can be!

As yet, a greetingless card. I can save it for emergencies of course but doesn't it look sad without a quote?

After a good scissor and glue workout you came to a realisation that you are not a specific kind of person. You are just a plain, old simple crafter.


Anonymous said...

umm an intersting thought. Many people still use specific crafts on their cards rather than bow down to the crazy situation of expensive pre cut pre made pre glued etc embellishments that a manufacturer has made and has done 99+% of the work maybe things are easier to identify ? We went to a craft shop yesterday and my friend and I were horrified by some of the prices so that people could not have to bother and not have to learn skills and just take something out of a packet, stick a glue dot on it and say they had done it- LOL how is that crafting? Its not!

morris.jacqueline said...

Do not define yourself by a title!


PS you know how I love your cards and think a card making class/sesh/live stream is long overdue

Sue said...

I would call myself a crafter, as liike you I do more than one thing.

Loving the LO and card. Agree about the quote though.

Terrie B x said...

`Gawgess` as always :) xxx

Nikbee said...

I dabble in many things, too and just call myself a crafter. I love your card and rarely put sentiments on mine as I can then use them for any occasion.
Nikki x

Jo said...

fantastic crafting :) love all the yummy kraft cardstock together

jo xx

Lisa-Jane said...

LOVE that card - you can put Hello on it and send it to me if it makes you feel better ;-) Congrats on the QVC assignment - just catching up with all your news. xx

Bernice said...

Did you make the tags or buy them? If you bought them where did you get them from? I love how you have used them.