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16 Jul 2011

Progress and Work in Progress

It's been a funny old week.
Lots of things accomplished, some shelved, some on going ....... yadda yadda yadda
And now its the weekend (a working one at that - Im in Gloucester on Sunday teaching 8 women DSLR photography) most of my projects will snowball into next week.

Here are a few pics of my recent goings on:

I cannot wait to finish this layout, This one has been one of those layouts where you add bits here and there rather than do the whole thing in a one-er

I was making room in my office to put some felt away (you know the story, you rob peter to pay paul on space and end up with your space looking like a bomb site) and I came across my fashion design modules. Im not sure if I blogged about this but I've changed my course to Graphic design. The reason being that I wasn't cut out for Mens fashion and that module would have failed me. But still, here are some of my fave doodles:

The one below is my pencil mock up on croquis. I am RUBBISH at drawing bodies and if you look close you can see my body grid lines. I also think her dress looks like a mcdonalds pack of fries! I think the House of McQueen may rest that I never ventured down that route.
And lastly, this. I started this in March and it only needs photos in the frames but I just haven't got round to adding them ....... silly, isn't it? It's my 7 Gypsies printers tray, filled with mainly left overs from my Studio Calico days. It was such a thrill to bring together but once you lose momentum on a project, well.... that's it for me.

I must make the effort next week to finally put it together.

Yes, that it hair in the jar. Its some of Ellies curls from years ago.

That empty jar will be filled with Ellie's pulled teeth

What IS that foreign object near the No 23?!!! (off to investigate)

Love our Dachshund ornament, which came off a keyring.

And lastly, I have some sort of semblance in the room. My tools corner got a little makeover and is ready to be trashed again very soon!

Must press on....... things to do!

PS: My "Feel" online class sneaks are in the post below x


Debo said...

Loving the printers tray!
Have a good weekend and try and fit in some rest!!

Bernice said...

Love the printers tray. Have a good time in Gloucester. Hope it stops raining for you all.

Kate said...

When you say Ellie's 'pulled' teeth, please tell me you mean her baby teeth? Lol, you made it sound like some macabre family exhibit, bet Mrak was in fear of which part you would pluck and mount for display!!!

** Kate **

Sue said...

Lo looks lovely - what I can see:)

Loving the printers tray.

fionalawlor said...

Oh wow Kirsty your printers tray is gorgeous!!! All the little bits and bobs and cutey things! I wouldnt even know where to start to make something as fab as this!
Fiona x

Fiona said...

Loving your Printer's Tray too, what a fab idea. Hope Gloucester is not too wet this weekend.

Julia said...

The printers tray looks amazing!! Kirsty did you get my reply about the Manchester photo course only I've no heard anything back to say I'm booked. Thanks x

Alison Horne said...

Love the sketches Kirsty, they would make fab stamps methinks...

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

The printers tray is lovely!
I mean to say tho, how many pairs of scissors does one girl need?!!