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23 Jul 2011

Our sunny Diet Coke break

Call the cops, I give my kid Diet Coke.

But you can't beat it on a sunny afternoon after you have been sat in your jammies all morning, festering in the stink of the wild indoors. So, I dragged Belles out late this afternoon to get some sunshine and brought poochy boy along too. It felt good to be in the warm sunshine and nestled amongst the prettiness in our local flower park.

Here she is, lost in a caffeine trance

Cheers Momma, Im high as a kite on an aspartame overdose

And now Im coming down off my sugar high, so I'll contemplate eating a marigold

Better not eat the flowers but instead have something a bit more fattening cuz these jeans keep falling down!

And besides, pudgey sausage boy could do with a tasty morsel - so lets go home

And so we went home and grazed on ham sammiches and crumpets. NOM.

PS: laughing out loud here as none of the pictures show the flower park in its full glory. Instead, we shall call it the "grass" park for today.

Love Kirsty
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Sue said...

Fab photos of Belles and your cute doggy.

Anonymous said...

lovely to see Belles out and about enjoying a walk. Wonderful sunny weather does us all the world of good [ when will it be sunny again we wonder!!] LOL!

Fiona said...

Lovely snaps of Ellie and pooch. Will be in Man Ray mode myself tonight at SIL's 40th with dad's DSLR.
SO looking forward to next Sunday.

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

That there dog of yours sure looks a big poochy today! Has he been eating sausages?