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19 Jul 2011

One to one DSLR training

Yest, I taught Mell a One to One photo session.
These sessions are different to my one day courses as they are more intense but will allow you to shoot in FULL manual mode in 6 hours. But not Mell. Oh no! She was shooting in full manual mode in 3 hours. I almost fell on the floor and she kindly gave me these images to share with you. I've known Mell for 5 years now through crafting and I've always had a soft spot for her as she has overcome/deals with a lot of difficulties, like my Belles. I hope my Belles grows up to be EXACTLY like her.

All of these shots, below are straight out of camera, perfectly exposed in full manual mode and not touched by one piece of editing software - as natural and as organic as photography should be.

Mells father, David, has these steam driven trains and track all around the garden - perfect for Mells nephews. This shot is fantastically composed (rule of thirds with continual)

One of Mells Nephews

Mell's father and nephew

Love this bunting shot, freeze franmed during a blustery bout of wind.

How fabulous is this shot?

Beautiful ivy.

Mells nephew, freeze framed, on the swing
And as it happens, it's Mells birthday today, too. Happy Birthday.


Fiona said...

Fabulous shots Mell. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo's Mell. Happy Birthday. Jude.x

Heather said...

Brilliant shots from Mell & excellent tutorage from you Kirsty xx

thekathrynwheel said...

Fabulous shots. Just hope I will be as good!

Sue said...

Mell is a natural.

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

Stunning photos from Mell the freeze frame looks brill and I've no idea how you do that!! I also love the depth of field too! Happy Birthday to you Mell and thanks for sharing these with us Kirsty.


Lillykins said...

Wow, few more months practice and full manual is on my To Do list with you Kirsty !

Lisa said...

Wow! they are beautiful photo's .... well done Mell

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

wow they are brill. Mel you are a natural! I hope you had a great birthday too.
Kirsty youre gonna put all the pros out of a job!!!

Debo said...

Incredible photos! Happy Birthday Mell!