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11 Jul 2011

On the road

This weekend, I think I drove 15.3 bajillion mcsquillion miles to get to various places of work. I went through many counties, countless traffic light systems and roundabouts. Sometimes I went around the round about 3 times. But I may or may not admit that. He heeeeeee.

First off, I drove direct to Corby to go and stay with my fun friend Rosie. I love staying at Rosie's - it's home from home and her family all put up with me by keeping them up until all hours just for my own amusement. Rosie is very caring and would do anything for me (and I for her) - it would have been silly to stay in a hotel, on my own when I could stay on her comfy couch and be treated like a princess in the process. I would have only ordered room service and died of boredom otherwise. Here she is with Freya during a mini shoot I offered to do in return for board and lodgings:

The next day I drove to Aylesbury for a demo in the brand spanking new Hobby Craft store. This is one of the new concept stores from Hobby Craft and wow. I mean WOW! New logo, new store design and new feeling. Had a good few hours demo'ing Letrasets Aquamarkers and even converting proper water colourist into trialling the pens. In their words "more portable than a palette of bricks and tubes". Kudos to the product of course. As a matter of interest, these are being launched on QVC tomorrow - so watch QVC to see them being demo-ed by Marion.

After the demo day I drove back to Corby to stay with my lovely Rosie and was fed and watered crafted out until almost the wee hours. I was up again for an early drive up to Birmingham for the first day of my "on the road" photo courses. 6 lovely ladies greeted me with such anticipation and smiles. Our first stop was coffee (Natch) at Starbucks where I gave them an hours worth of theory. Poors girls, I thought....its such a boring start to the day but we all know that what follows theory is the practical. He heee - that's where the fun really began. Every single girl took to the class with ease, I honestly thought they were all well seasoned photographers. I'm really not kidding. Not one girl asked me to repeat anything and the results of their playbacks proved to me that they "got it". We trod the street of Birmingham with about £10,00 of equipment between us - wow, the power! Here they are:

we roamed around the city taking pics like this:

This Sunday, Im in Gloucester. Then leeds the Sunday after (have one place left if you are interested) and two places in Edinburgh on 7th Aug.

I have new dates, just in case you are interested:

Manchester - Sep 4th
Nottingham - Sep 17th
Colchester - Sep 18th
Glasgow - Oct 2nd
Cardiff - Oct 9th
Norwich - Oct 15th
Lincoln - Oct 16th

See all the details HERE



Sue said...

How nice that you could stay with your friend twice.

I am sure your ladies had a fab time. Certainly love the photos.

Sue said...

Forgot to say I love the card.

Fiona said...

Great shot of Rosie and Freya. Glad to hear your first photo course was such a success, living up to the Birmingham girls could be a tall order, but looking forward to it.
Hope you get a bit of a rest this week Kirsty, all that driving sounds exhausting.

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Loved my day Kirsty. Can't believe the time went so quick. Learnt lots, feel more confident in what I am doing now too. Anyone thinking of going on these workshops...don't think, just go for it and book now.

Anonymous said...

how about some classes near newcastle :)

Rosie (Freycob) said...

We love having you as our guest. We can chill and be ourselves; sit quietly, laugh, talk or whatever. You are part of our family. Love you loads, Kirsty.

Rosie, Will, Jacob & Freya

Tracey said...

A true friends sofa is always 100% better than any five star hotel IMO, sounds like you had a fab time catching up with your friend, the photos as always are an inspiration, got my little girlie stamp sat on my scrap table, she is calling me to colour her in, thankyou for my package hon, love the posters and the stamp xxx

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Kirsty I nave put 4 pictures from Sundays class up on my blog if you want to take a look. I will put more up soon.....I hope :-)

Bridget said...

Had a great day in Brum and Kirsty expalined it all very well and in a way that was understandable. Anyone considering booking on the new dates, go for it

Thanks Kirsty. Got a family do in the next week or so so will be putting my new skills to good use.