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3 Jul 2011

My kids

I love my kids to the MOON and back and then to Jupiter and back and to the edge of the universe and back and then all that again times infinity times infinity times eternal never ending forever - BEAT THAT! Getting photos of them, however, is v v tricky.

On the very rare occasion that Belles isn't squinting from the harsh daylight, she will let me take her picture. It's ironic that I can take super nice pictures as part of my work and yet can barely get any of her, for my own selfish pleasure other than to stare it it and adore her some more. I love her all the same, regardless but this picture is the kid I see daily - laying on her arms and me looking at her wondering what is going on inside that curly head of hers.

Where as this little toe rag, here? Well, he would sit all day in this pose and only shifting his eyes

Looks to his Pappa as if to say "help me out here, will you - she is doing my head in!"

And then gives me the eye roll which mean "Back off, else I'll bite your ankles"
Whatevs, Eddy - I don't care.... you are just soooooooo cute!

ProMarker Perfection
So - have you heard the news? Letraset ProMarker's brand new diddy, ultra fine and handy nib has gone on sale across the UK and I got to road test them on some super fine and fiddly rubber stamps.

To see it being used in demo mode, click here to take you to Letrasets Blog

Photography Courses
I have:
1 space in London on the 31st July (one person has dropped out)
1 space in Leeds
2 spaces in Edinburgh
up for grabs - if you are interested, please click here to see what it all entails

Online Class - Extra kits
I have posted a gazillion sneaks of the Me in my Moleskine online class that I have have for sale, over here - Ive also made paying easier :)

Kirsty x
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Sue said...

Fab card.

Love your pooch.

What a fab photo of Belle's.

Di said...

Oh Kirsty - that photo of Belle took my breath away - it's just amazing. Isn't she a little stunner :) Those of Eddy are gorgeous too - thanks for brightening up an already sunny morning chick! Hugs, Di xx

Fiona said...

Amazing photo's again Kirsty.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. What beautiful children you have.... :-D Jude.x

Dianne said...

Beautiful photo of Belle and Eddy is cute too!

Tracey said...

Awwwww to see Ellies eyes open - not stuggling in the light how precious, and what a beauty she is, Eddie - well what can I say - how cute is he !!! loving the eye roll ( mine has that mastered too but he now adds a little old man grumble), cute card too Kirsty, those pens look like they are going to be invaluable xxx

debbie (r61) said...

thanks for letting us know the fine nibs are now on general sale, i jumped straight over to letraset and ordered lots and lots and the bleedproof paper too :)

Natalie Jane said...

Beautiful beautiful photos!!! :) :) xox

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mckinkle said...

Hi Kirsty,

Your daughters photo is magical, its lovely that youve captured her at rest!

And as for Eddy? Im in love! I grew up with Dachshunds and will return to having another one day as they are just such fabulous characters and I especially love the reds like your Eddy!
What a fine fellow he is!

Keryn x