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21 Jul 2011

More sneaks of the Feel class

As requested, here are more sneaks of the Feel class.

Kits post out tomorrow in ready for the video release next weds. I am, after tonight, suffering from kit-itis. But don't you think its fun packing parcels, rather like wrapping a gift :)

I am delighted with how this turned out and I can't stop touching it (must get out more, right?! .....but then why go out and touch things and get germs when you can touch this book and know where its been.......see, you get me - don't you?)

So here are my second lot of sneaks (3rd lot goes out on Monday):

Overlapping frills

Folded and twisted print

Collage of tickets

Inked up bubble wrap

Touchy feely beaded heart (yes, you have to sew my friends!)

Chunky brayered pain and lid prints

Now that I have done this class, I have already planned the next one. Again, its in a Moleskine but this time its multi layered backgrounds and the theme will be Childhood. Still involves journalling as ever, with pockets as before with the MIMM and Feel class. Ive even mapped out the pages and worked out the cost which will be £21 this time as there isn't a huge kit like the Feel one.

Ok, bed time.......planning on having sweet dreams as next week is one of the biggest weeks of my life.


Jennifer Scull said...

oh gosh, temptation is getting the best of me! this looks amazing, Kirsty! I just know everyone is going to have a wonderful time. :)

Shanna said...

oh my goodness this all looks so fun and exciting if only I lived in england!!! you should come to NZ to teach a class :) I love all the sneaks you have given it is all very inspiring actually.

Bernice said...
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Bernice said...

A needle and thread!!!! Oh dear. Will definitely have to do that when DH is out otherwise he might ask for buttons to be sewn on various shirts!!!!

(Previous comment deleted because of a spelling mistake!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I CAN NOT CONTAIN myself! I think I may die of excitement!! Too Tooooooooooo Gorgeous!!!!!! The postman can consider himself stalked!!
Love Nina B

Nina Coulton said...

ohhhhh cant wait to play...and sign me up for the next class lol xx

Nicki said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to get started! I love the look of this class:).

Please save me the next one too:) pay day soon:).xx

I can't wait for the post to arrive.