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23 Jul 2011

A little inky obsessed

Its funny how my crafting life has evolved over the years. I've gone from cardmaker to scrapbooker to photographer to general papercrafter and now Ive jumped on the inky and painty wagon. True, I'm a novice in this department (to some of my peers) but I do love it so.

Belles and I went out this afternoon and instead of me rifling through the racks of clothing stores, I was buying more gesso and more paint brushes and more Moleskines. I was in heaven.

Well, ok - a 100mm F2.8 L IS USM lens fell into my basket on Amazon but only because I had sold my divine 17-40mm F4 L USM lens to warrant the shift. Tthe macro on my new lens will help me develop a new style of photography combined with inky paintiness and my inky paintiness will enhance some scrapbook pages and also other papercraft projects. I mean, its all relevant, isn't it?

I have been toying with buying the grid paged Moleskines for a while and the larger books at that. And as they are on offer at Waterstones (buy 2 get 1 free - hello? - I've just bough 34 packs of three at full whack for my Feel class - what a rip :( ) I bought some plain and grid paged ones to play with.

Ive been doing intermediate style splodging for a while now but never felt compelled to share anything until now. And here it is - My Journal of quotes, page 1 is complete.
I used Jo Sonjas texture gesso to create those stars through a homemade template. I LOVE JO SONJA'S stuff muchly.
Im going to work on a page a day (or so) and try and force myself to share the work with you without dying at how ashamedly under par it is to my friend, Dyan Reaveley.

Going to wipe the surfaces of my office down - they are disgusting.


Jennifer Scull said...

I love grid paper, so you are going to have a blast with those books! isn't it funny how parts of our art go different directions while some areas stay the same? I think that says a lot about whether we are open to creativity or not, but that is just my opinion. ;)

Tracey said...

I believe you have opened up art journalling to a wider audience hon, BECAUSE you are a card maker and a scrapbooker, you make the arty farty stuff seem more accessible, your MIMM class definitely gave me the push I needed and inspired me to get all inky and painty on a more regular basis, thankyou as always for ALL your inspiration xxx

Glitter Monkey said...

Oooooh me likey :-) There is no need to define yourself though Kirsty - I just think of myself as a "crafter". It covers rather a multitude!! Lol Lynn ♥

Buzzard Girl said...

Totally loving moles's with grid lines!!
Really looking forward to Feel. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Was gutted that I wasn't able to make it to Aylesbury to see you x

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Umm looking good. Can't wait to see your macro pics and for me to get my new lens x