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25 Jul 2011

I love Leeds

Of course I do, I was born there and my fondest memories as a child are harnessed in the boundaries of this beautiful, old city. And of course I was always going to make it one of my places for my traveling one day photo courses. Hello?
I taught 4 fab lasses how to take their amazing cameras out of automatic mode and shooting in full semi-automatic with all the tricks and buttons that allow you to take amazing photos. Oh, we did laugh. A lot. And as sure as egg is eggs, they were taking brilliant photos by the end of the day. You just can't beat teaching photography to people in laymans terms. Technical jargon is not appropriate when all you want to do is take nice photos without explaining the science behind ISO. And also why, when recomposing, does your initial focus point stay in focus when you have shifted the camera. Bleh - hurts my head too!

We spent most of our time in the stunning surrounding of the Corn Exchange and the Victorian Arcade, look ->

Isn't it pwitty?

All archy and spanning out far and wide

A fan of beautiful architecture

filigree balustrades adding interesting touches

And paving that might go amis to the everyday person

Freeze framing water at 3200 of a second - check out the bubbles!

Lots of lovely things are in your city, waiting to be photographed. Am I coming to a city near you to teach? Come see HERE.

**edited to add (in light of recent unnecessary rumblings) These are MY photos from the day and not students photos. I take these as they go off an practice compositions**

Love Kirsty
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Fiona said...

Only six more sleeps!

Kathy Rogers said...

It was the bestest of days, thank you x

Ali said...

Ooh what gorgeous photos... I love Leeds too, and the Corn Exchange is just beautiful.

The course sounds interesting too! *wanders off to check link*

Sue L said...

I've come over here to let you know that I do NOT think you take crap photos. Ignore them, they are just twisty.
xoxo hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

great pictures and yes indeed a lovely City! When you stop and look there is so much even at home or close to home which most people take for granted! As i learnt when I did my photography course its not the camera and you dont need a really expensive one - its how you use it!

Sue said...

Fabby photos as ever.

Glitter Monkey said...

Kirsty - don't change your blog posts to justify yourself babes. I came to your blog to admire your work and stayed as a friend. Anyone else that matters feels the same. Everyone else doesn't matter. End of. Lol Lynn ♥