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17 Jul 2011

Gloucester 'togs

Well, true to form, Gloucester was wet.
But by 12.20 it had brightened up and 8 new 'togs had sat through 2.5 hours of theory and were DESPERATE to try out their new learnings "on location".We couldn't have timed it better. And I was incredibly surprised at how quickly the girls had grasped depth of field.

The best thing about the day is always seeing the playback screens of their cameras and enjoying the progression of composition throughout the course of the afternoon. Here are the Gloucester group from todays photocourse:

And luckily for us, there was a pretty park to take pictures in. Here are parts of the scenery that the girls had full access to:

Ok, a wire fence isn't THAT pretty - but the depth of field is ;)

BONUS! Mr Bee landed on the rule of thirds just for me! HOORAY!

Next week I'm teaching in Leeds, my birth right. FUN! I have one space left if you fancy getting to grips with your DSLR.

Online Class - "Feel" texture journal book
I have a few places left on the course if you would like to sign up. Read two blog posts below to find out more :)

Kirsty x
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Fiona said...

I'm getting excited now Kirsty, only 2 weeks to go! Have been practising with my borrowed camera, Hope the weather bucks up tho'
I can beat you on excitement this week, as I'm having a new boiler installed and have got stuff everywhere. Happydays.

Sue said...

So glad it dried up so your ladies got outside. Fab photos.

Taniwha said...

Great day yesterday thank you Kirsty! You're awesome! I can highly recommend the photo course if you're thinking of booking, go ahead, it's well worth it!

Elaine said...

Super day, thanks very much Kirsty...everybody already fed up of being photographed !!!! Here are my favourite 3 photos... .Best money I've spent in a long while !!!!

Lillykins said...

Fab day, need my camera surgically removing ;-) seeing things in a totally different light now and have managed to round up a few friends to sit for me - ok a little bribery was used but only due to your tips on how to flatter them !

Colette said...

Hi Kirsty, Sorry my comment is not about the post, not lucky enough to own a fancy camera :(. I can't seem to get hold of you any other way. Have all the Saving Daisy raffle prizes been posted as I haven't received mine yet?

kiwishezzie said...

Thanks Kirsty for a fab day and a great course. I just need to keep taking photos now so I don't forget everything I learned!