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26 Jul 2011

Getting close, scarily close

My 100mm Macro lens is here and Im dying to get to grips with it properly. It's scarily if not freakishly clever at getting right into those nooks and crannies not commonly seen with the naked eye. I only faffed for 20 minutes tonight as the sun was dying plus my Momma is here and her time is far to precious to be spent working it all out in full. So as Mum and I sat out in the evening sun, drinking tea and jabbering (as you do), I went for a trot around the garden.

Our garden is a bombsite at the moment as we upheave land to make way for a new shed. This means disturbing turf, habitats and old, rotten sheds. This gave me a good playground for a while and this is what I discovered from a bugs point of view:

Pics look better if you click on them. Sadly, blogger squishes them on your blog pages :(

The centre of a chopped trunk of a Cordaline (ours died this winter - did yours?)

Sorry we uprooted you from your home Mr Froggy/Toady pants

This is a mega macro of my Hapene Flax plant. We love this pic. Mark had to hold it steady whilst I got into a weird, uncomfortable contortion to get the shot!

Rusty screws - lovely!

Twisted, wooden sticks

And an obedient dog under the command of Mark but was also being chastised for chasing My Frogy/Toady pants

Watch out Mark, your nostril hair could be next!


Bernice said...

Love the photos, especially the rusty nail.

Lil' 'Ol Me said...

Fab photos Kirsty. When I had my macro lens it found a huge pile of dust/human hair underneath my firegrate! Yuk!

Heather said...

Incredible detail Kirsty you lucky lady! I know you are going to have many happy playing hours with your new lens :) And yes we lost both our cordylines this past winter :((

Lydia said...

Ignore the trolls, Kirsty - they know jack shit about photos.
I, for one, love to come and gasp over your pictures. Your clear lack of "over photo-shopped" imagery is a breath of fresh air. I love how don't use nasty actions that fog your images and make skin look ghostly white and unnatural.
Stay true to yourself :)

Sue said...

Fab photos. Loving the one of your cute dog. I could eat him. Well not literally, as that would be rather messy:)

My JR went after toads in my dad's garden. If she got them in her mouth, she'd be violently sick, as they give off a poison.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, God I wish I could afford a fabulous camera and have your skill with a lens.

Yes we lost our Palm tree too (thank God, I hated it, don't think palm trees have any place in this country but hubby is the gardener so I had no choice, lol)

Fiona said...

Cool. Only casualty last winter was my Formium, Cordyline survived.
I agree with Lydia btw.

Annie said...

Amazing detail!!!

Yes our cordinline died too, its the frost apparently!

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Kirsty

Wow stunning photos with your new lense can't wait to see more and sooo looking forward to you coming to my part of the world with your teachings!


DGgirl said...

Hi Kirsty

These photos are sooo fab. Can't wait to learn how to take a proper pic. Roll on a hopefully sunny Edinburgh on 7th Aug.


Craftilicious said...

I love macro but am not very good at it - love how you can see Mark's reflection in the dogs eye when you pop the photo out big :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! learning to use your camera properly is fun and more people should do it! spent a long time learning and its well worth the effort as the way we use the camera is more important than the camera itself! thanks for sharing!

Mandie said...

lovely shots, kirsty! i thought the nail was a yummy muffin! ha!

hello gorgeous said...

fabulous! I love these shots....i want shots like that! *stomps feet*

my cordiline died too, was really disappointed as we had it for ten years :o( BUT I chopped it right down to 2" and have kept watering it {just in case}, guess what....I have two new shoots! yay!


hello gorgeous xxx