Ladies Camera Club

27 Jul 2011

Feel class live class!

This class goes live at 8pm tonight but is recorded so that people can still buy the class, even in a years time, and watch the video for full instruction. The class manuals have been sent out and im just limbering up before I go on air.

Here is a sneak of two of the completed pages. Each pages has a different texture that begs you to run your fingers over and feel its loveliness. Also, each page has a quote relating to happiness and you have a journal pocket to write your thoughts about happiness relating to different events of your life (though prompts).

There are a few kits left if you would like to buy one, here.

And today? Well I had the pleasure of teaching Kate Crane how to use her DSLR. Here she is, in full Grattan Catalogue pose (for fun!) as we were out on location, shooting stuff (you know, benches and trees!). By the end of 6 hours, Kate was shooting in full manual - I knew she would. Go see her blog - Kates fantastic art journalling is a sight o behold PLUS her DVD is now available to buy ( from HERE) and Im in the queue already!


thekathrynwheel said...

Hey, I had the BEST time today and I learned loads. Just waiting for the kids to get back from grandma's so I've got someone to practise on! Thanks for a great day :-)

Scrapstars said...

Benches Trees and railings, hahaha
Gorgeous photo's Kirsty. x