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16 Jul 2011

Dr Foster

Dr Foster
Went to Gloucester
In the pouring rain.
He stepped in a puddle,
Right up to his middle (I HATED that that never rhymed!)
And never went there again.

Well, until 18th september - when Im teaching a scrapbooking class!

Is it pouring where you are?
As we are in the process of buying a whopping great shed (could my life get anymore exciting?), Mark stripped back the 2 foot thick of ivy from our existing dump of a shed, to prepare for its demolition. And now that it's unprotected from the elements, it resembles an enormous collander and you gotta feel sorry for our lawnmower sat in there, getting soaked to the electrical core. Fizz bang.


fionalawlor said...

Maybe you should just change it to something like...."He stepped in cat's piddle, right up to his middle" hahahaha! It's absolutly pouring down here in the Irish Midlands! But nothing new there lol
Fiona x

Mooneybeams said...

Agreed - think we should compaign to change that non-rhyming line to 'and got in a muddle'!

Sue said...

Where has our summer gone????

Anonymous said...

Pouring yes, but with sweat! 41 degrees in Greece. So is the shed for you Kirsty? Do we get to see the work-in-progress?