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5 Jul 2011


Theeeee most random post you will ever read in your entire life but Im looking for chickpea recipes (tried and tested - and yes, I know I **could** google them)

Thinking of turning into a hippy, natch.

That is all for today.
Thank you x


Little Button Girl said...

chickpea dahl?x

Chris T said...

I've got an easy spicy chickpea recipe but it involves pasta????

Jennifer Scull said...

I am very proud of you. sorry to say I won't be joining you if I have to eat chickpeas...... may I bring my own food? ;)

and no, can't stand hummus either... ick!
remember I am a Texas girl and we eat rattlesnake in those parts! tee hee!

Jenne Goulding said...

Well the only reeipe I know for chick peas is this one
1. Open packet
2 Tip into the bin
3 Find some real food
4 Enjoy

Sorry but chick peas are yuk yuk yuk!

morris.jacqueline said...

I can give you a Slimming World Hummus receipe so it's not fatening! I love hummus!

Glitter Monkey said...

One of my favourite ingredients babes - I throw them in all my slow cooker recipes. Lol Lynn ♥

Colette said...

Roast 4 red peppers (1 per person roughly) and remove skins. Drain a 400g tin of chickpeas and dress in 3tbs of oil, add the juice of a lemon and 2 crushed cloves of garlic and a sprig of oregano (or some dried if you don't have fresh). Mix this and then mix in the peppers. Mash 300g of soft goats cheese with another clove of garlic some more e.v. olive oil, some more oregano and shape into a mould. Surround with the pepper mixture and enjoy with friends! Courtesy of Claudia Roden 'Arabesque'.

Colette x

Anonymous said...

stew for you today then...2 tbsp olive oil1 red onion, finely sliced
3 garlic cloves, finely sliced
2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger
1 or 2 green chillies, to taste, seeded and finely chopped
1 tsp sea salt
2 X 400g/14oz tins of chickpeas, drained
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp turmeric, optional
freshly ground black pepper
500g/17½oz cherry tomatoes
100g/3½oz baby English spinach leaves
plain yoghurt

pitta bread

olive oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper


1.Heat a large deep frying pan over a medium to high heat.

2.Add the oil, onion, garlic, ginger, chillies and salt and cook for five minutes (or until the onions are soft) being careful to stir regularly.

3.Add the chickpeas, 80ml/2¾fl oz water, cumin, turmeric and pepper and cook for five minutes or until the water evaporates.

4.Add the tomatoes and cook for another two minutes to soften.

5.Remove from the heat and check for seasoning.

6.Stir through the spinach and top with yoghurt.

7.To make the pitta crisps, break up pieces of pitta bread and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika.

8.Bake in a moderate oven for 10-12 minutes or until crisp.

9.Serve with the stew on a warmed plate


Dianne said...

I hate chickpeas!!

Anonymous said...

Cut a marrow in half lengthways and scoop the halves out. Fry the "scoopings" with onion and garlic. Add a tin of tomatoes and a tin of chickpeas and a bit of basil. Pile it all back in the marrow. Top with cheese and breadcrumbs and bake in the oven. Scrummy!!

Louise said...

chick pea curry! A recipe given to me many years ago. Throw in chickpeas, spices, onions, tin chopped toms, little water...yum yum yum!! good luck testing out all the chick pea recipes!

Bumblebee said...

I make a lovely moroccan chicken which is basically onions, courgettes, a tin of chickpeas, chicken thighs (nice and cheap!) and then stock, honey and spices. I'll look it up for you and post on facebook later!