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5 Jun 2011

What Katie did next

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of childminding little Katie whilst her Momma went to see Take That. She was a little whirlwind and knocked the wind out of our sails. Equally, though, she was such good fun. We went to the park, fed the ducks and the girls rejoiced in the wonders of the Golden Arches.

Did we mention that Kate is mad as a box of frogs?

Belles and I also took her to Sainsburys to get a few treats and I asked her a serious question. I asked "Katie, what do you want to be when you grow up?" and she replied "A Fairy". I laughed out so loud, Im sure I saw an old woman fall over in the freezers when I did. I love four year olds, they rock.

She immediately bonded with Eddy. She kept calling him Schnitzel von crumb (as from the Hairy Mclary books). I like the name schnitzel....I might have to rethink Eddy's name!

There was a moment where Kate was missing Momma and we had tears at bedtime. To take away all this sadness, I said to her "Did you know that Schnitzel von Crumb has a very big bum?" to which she would shriek with laughter and helped wash away her leaky eyes. I had to then act "the clown" to dispel her fears that she was in a dark and dingy house, miles from her home town of Huntingdon. This also called for me to make up silly rhymes and at one point I was reeling off names I made up in my head that got me all in a twizzle. As a result, I have created a new character called Mr CopperSnuffle (who got into a kerfuffle whilst eating a truffle). That was HARD work but it made Katie laugh and forget her woes.

A children's book in the making, you say? Now don't get me thinking..........

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I can see me reading those book - I love it when children's book shave the most funniest names


Maz said...

The Hairy Maclary books are great! x

Sue said...

What a ray of sunshine Katie is:)

Glad your tongue twisters made her laugh.

Lisa said...

She looks beautiful and full of character!
Lovely pictures
Lisa xx

Catie Cuddles said...

What adorable pictures of a real cutie pie!

Scott said...

Oh believe me, Kate is FULL of character alright! :)

Not so long ago she came in to the kitchen and asked mum if she could get her a wheelchair because she had sore knee's! :)

(Kates dad)

Alison said...

Sounds like fun times!
Alison xx

Jayne C said...

Gorgeous girl(s)!!! FAB her mum loves them!!! xx