Ladies Camera Club

18 Jun 2011


So I decided that seeing as there are a great number of you "dead-set keen" to start this class (and that you are definite's), I've decided to open the class to more places and have included everyone that emailed me, Effbooked me and commented on the blog post below. Ive ordered extra stock in to arrive in time to post and get ready for the 29th. I really did not expect an overwhelming response but obvs very glad you like the sound and sneaky peek of the class.

Ive set up a private forum with absolutely everything you need to know so if you have emailed me today, you will have received a response on where to find us!

I'll leave you with these wheat free lusciousness-es.

Recipe One
I made these today - oatmeal pancakes. I honestly thought they were going to taste like vomit (cottage cheese gives me that impression). But NO NO NO! They were just GORGEOUS. Not far from a real pancake. I had them with splenda and cinnamon and two strawbs. 5 WWpp for two - that is all! I'm going to have them with poached egg and bacon tomorrow for breakfast and I shall be pain freeeeeeeeee. Oats are so good for low GI and high Protein diets too, in case you were wondering

This is how you make them:
Wizz 30g of rolled oats/oatmeal in a blender with 2 egg whites and 30g of cottage cheese. Spray a skillet/frying pan with fry lite oil. Pour in the mixture and fry both sides (like a pancake). Serve with toppings of your choice. Fill with fruit for a LOW ww pointage. Take to work as a wrap filled with salad for a healthy lunch in place of bread. My life has changed because of these babies!

Recipe 2
And get a load of this momma - Tiramisu Roulade.....wheat free
Click here to see how this comes together, I cant take credit for it. But I will make it and fill with low fat fromage frais and mandarins to make it less fatty foo fa-laaaaaaa. I'm reckoning 6wwpp for a 5th of the roulade. Worth it, if its piled with fruit and no suspect wheaty badness in there that makes you ILL :(

Tha-tha-tha-tha thats all folks x

Oh and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads out there.


Sue said...

Yummy recipes, especially the roulade.

fionalawlor said...

*drool* they both look gorgeous! And i dont even like "strawbs" lol
Fiona x

Anonymous said...

amazing! there is so much on journalling so freely available isnt there! Writing about yourself and your life and all the special memories we want to capture, being free with whatever materials we choose to use! All that maybe prevents people giving it a go is the inability to use their imagination and the constant need in some crafting circels to require someone to hold your hand and almost do it for you hey! Well done on the freedom finding and the fun!

Kazzy said...

Both of these sound yummy...don't forget to put them on the WW on scrapgogo forum! I LOVE any kind of pancake so will defo make those.

Anonymous said...

Course sounds fab, maybe you will do another one sometime when I am less broke :[

Anonymous: 'Shut the Front Door!' Sometimes people like to come together as a group and share ideas, learn new things. Its called being sociable, you should try it!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

eeeew, Anonymous Troll?
Go away with your meany ways.
Nobody likes meanies.

You know, you can get this stuff for free - its called happiness.
It's lovely.
I shall sprinkle some your way .'*'.'*'.'* - doesn't it feel nice?

Sarah xx said...

Don't forget me please??? :(

*reyanna klein* said...

I can't WAIT to try both these, Kirsty! Totally awesome! I think I'll have to get some oatmeal while I'm at the store today... I'm out of that! Not sure how the "grams" measurements will transfer here. I'll have to look that up. Thank you so much for these! :-D