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10 Jun 2011

Repurpose your envelopes

I have a stack of A4 envelopes that I sometimes cut in half, to post A5 sized cards and projects with. I had a spare piece staring in my face today and thought......Hmmmmm, I could make a "card" with that (strengthened with thick paper inside...its not super floppy). And as I love kraft stationery and tags and just felt cheery to try it

and I LOVES the result!

**edited to add: One of my commenters below, Carol, suggested that I name this style of card "Envy Card".......but what about "Card Envy??". Funny x


Chris said...

What a great idea's beautiful!!
Chris xx

p.s. The Zumba is amazing...helped me lose a stone already...whooohoo

Caroljenks said...

OMG Kirsty this is amazing! What a fantastic idea - You need to name this style now - maybe an Envy-card??? :0

Carol x

Jennifer Scull said...

this is wonderful! and so clever! I have some of these in various colors. might try my hand at a few this weekend.

Sue said...

Great idea and fab card.

Gems said...

That is beautiful xx

FlamelessScentsUK said...

Great Idea Kirsty. I love that I can view your blog and see so many ideas that you think.... why didn't I think of that! simple and beautiful. Thank you.

D@nielle said...

Great idea, it looks sooo cute !