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2 Jun 2011

A plethora of goings on

First - a card.
Using a new colour combo and fab papers and a different Gorjuss girl. I love these Gorjuss girls, they are so colourable. The colour lay-down of a ProMarker makes them look so professional - no streaking and no paper bobbling. Love it.

I taught my first 1:1 photography tuition this year - I love it, it's one of my favourite things to do. It's so much better at this time of year because there is lots of available light in the day. Today, I taught Adam and........
he took to it really quick and by the 4th hour was shooting fully in Manual. It was a sight to behold. He took this picture under VERY difficult light circumstance (ie - a very dark corner of a restaurant) and got it bang on, less for grain but you can't avoid that - can you?

We did a lot of experimenting and he took this picture too. Just playing with shutter speeds more than anything and I love the effects of food dye in water.

The raffle draw is tomorrow. I have been vexing about this for a few days as a LOT of the prizes have not come in. So what I am going to do is draw 18 names for smaller prizes, opting to mix and match the stash as appropriate and make them of even worth. The second prize will be the Quick Kutz die cutting and embossing machine (worth £100)and the first prize will be the craft robo and a pile of stash too. So that is 20 altogether. I will not be able to post any prizes until they have all come in (thinking at least another week for the entire donations to be grouped here). I hope you can be patient on this one. But Ill deffo announce the winners tomorrow FOR SURE .

Daisys Op costs of £1169 came in under the Vets initial estimate of £1600. In light of this, I think it would be a good idea (and has been suggested by many other people) that we get a years insurance for Daisy. This will be just in case anything else happens. When I have had the bills and have paid postage fees, I will give you a breakdown of what has been paid out and what is going to charity.

Finally - get a load of this sexy mamma!
16 rolls - total length in range is over 120 metres and rrp is £24 but for a limited time it is just **£15**. If you NEED (of course you do) these ribbons and the fab dispenser too - listen to auntie Kirsty - the website shows that the ribbons show £25 a box but when you click them to your basket, they will show £15 for the box. Click HERE to see them

Right, Ive got a date with an Aquamarker and a wet brush. **Salivates at the thought of an hours crafting before I get a good nights rest** Belles is home tomorrow, need to be all perky for her homecoming


Sue said...

Fabby card.

Love the photo of the dye in the water.

Sounds good for the prizes.

Also sounds good to get Daisy some insurance.


cla16e said...

THANKYOU!!!!! from me & Adam! He absolutely LOVED the tution day & learnt lots. He was impressed with everything you taught him. I loved the pictures he took. The water photos were lovely and the ones at the church were very impressive too.
Anyways....hes already been out & about this morning snapping everything in sight.

Just to let others know if they might be thinking about having a 1:1 tution day with you, GO FOR IT!! this womans a fantastic teacher!!

loves from Claire & Adam.x

Carrie said...

Little Daisy might need some water therapy to help with muscle wastage.x

Sarah N said...

Not wanting to poop on your insurance idea - but won't existing conditions (and those arising from it) be excluded from any cover? Might be worth checking before you pay out for something?