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28 Jun 2011

Piggy pig tails

I popped over to visit a friend that I made when I taught her one to one DSLR photography, last year. Sarah is such a lovely and calm person, she truly is. And today I met her daughter Martha for the first time. This delightful little dolly met me at the door with the sweetest pig tails in her hair. But don't let the cuteness jade your vision, for this cute little minx has skills any acrobat would be chuffed to have on his CV. And this 17 month old little lady practically levitates to heights I cant even reach - I even think she would scale glass, given the chance! I was smitten with her, she just fascinated me the whole time I was there. Of course, a lens with a minimum aperture of F4 wouldn't allow me to get the BEST pics indoors although we did manage to weld her still for some mummy and daughter hugs.

And here is Daisy - Daisy who wanted to kiss me the whole time one minute and then maxed out on the sofa for forty winks the next. Isnt she a lovely little mop?

But the raisin scoffing incident was pure magic for me. It would seem that Martha's incredible stunts get even more death defying as she tries to eat her fist with such relish. Go Martha!

Give this girl a cape, I think she would really fly!


Anonymous said...

lovely pics but always amazed parents allow others to publish them online aren't you?

Sue said...

What a cutie:)

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Anon, as if I would be so stupid not to get parents permission to publish photos. I'm a professional, read up on that. Stop leaving ridiculous comments on my blog everyday and go back to the hole from whence thee crept.
This blog is a happy one, go and get some happy, yourself.

Carolyn Phillips said...

She is so sweet, and I love those pigtails.

Fiona said...

Love your happy snaps Kirsty. I'm tempted to book a place on one of your courses next time but don't have a DSLR. (Able to borrow one though) but worried all the techy stuff will go right over my head!

JO SOWERBY said...

lovely pics, she reminds me of boo from monsters inc............the cute girly girl. raisin stuffinf is also a common ailment amongst toddlers as i think they feel if they dont eat them all someone will pinch them!! heehee.
glad u had gr8 fun,
jo xxx

Annie said...

Anons comments are so selfishly negative, Kirsty take no notice. Lovely pics!

Pol said...

Don't usually comment - but I just adore that first photo with the pig tails - heart melting moment.