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4 Jun 2011

Photo Courses and a Gorjuss card!

Starting in Birmingham, I am running a series of one day courses for DSLR users in July. Simply entitled "going semi-automatic", it's geared towards those stuck in automatic mode and want to get a bit more creative with their cameras. I cover depth of field, composition and what makes the difference between a snapshot and a great shot. These are different to my One to One courses, which can be intense. I'm going to hold them in groups of 5 and we will spend a day going around the city and parks, practicing how to achieve fabulous depth of field, sitting your subjects correctly for portrait shots, taking pictures that will make you go "wow, I didn't know I could do that".

Go HERE to learn more!

These Gorjuss stamps are really rocking my boat. I hope to god that PI get them on QVC so that the whole world can be enamoured by them. Marion, did you hear that? Get them on QVC.
This is the colour combo I worked with (thank you Echo Park, I love you) and this card is going to be put in an envelope next week for a v. special little girl I know.

You can buy Gorjuss at two of my fave shops - Cullen Craft and Sugar and Spice Crafts


Sue said...

Hope your photographic courses go well.

Loving the card.

Lisa said...

Kirsty, I'm away when you are near me :-( Hope you can come back though?
Great idea and gutted i'll miss it xx

Clare H said...

your photo course Here link isn't taking me anywhere!

__TJ__ said...

Nope me either

Kirsty Wiseman said...

fixed it!

fionalawlor said...

What a gorjuss card lol I think QVC did actually have some of the new gorjuss stamps on a few weeks ago. If memory serves me correct there was a set of 3 for £15 or something like that. Your photos are amazing too!
Fiona x

jolan said...

Ohw... beautiful pictures Kirty. I would love to do a course with you but it is to far away. have a great day Jolanda