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27 Jun 2011

Mind, Body and Spirit

If ever you wanted a totally relaxing weekend with like minded spiritual souls then this retreat is FOR YOU. If I am truthful, my interest with spirituality is all down to Belles. She has this absolutely incredible nature and is attuned to calm, relaxation and angels. Her questions about these kind of things don't frighten me because she speaks like a child who has been a wise woman on this earth before. And its not only me that feels this - a number of my friends have picked up on it too. In fact, I took her for a Reiki session a few weeks back and the Reiki master asked her what colours she could see and feel and for every area the master hovered over, Ellie knew the right colour (and believe me, Ellie knows nothing, yet, about chakras and aurora's). I would imagine a lot of you might think this is mumbo-jumbo but I for one, do not. So much so that I have booked myself to do Reiki 1 and 2 this year with a view to taking the masters at the end of the year. Just so that I can provide this kind of treatment for Ellie and my friends as a gift.

So you can imagine my utter delight when Suzanne, of Spirit-Mind-Body asked me to teach at her event in November. AS IF I WOULD SAY NO. You simply have to check out this link here to see what she has on offer. A totally chilled out experience where you decide what you want to do within a fairly relaxed setting. I can't believe that Charlotte Poole is teaching there - she creates the most delightful scrapbook pages and then there is Jenn - an absolute treasure who I have known through crafting for a number of years. Her wise life coaching skills will be utilised by me at the event, let me tell you that for nothing!

So yesterday? Well, whilst my folks were spending the weekend with us, we thought it might be nice to take them over to Crosby (we went there a few weeks back). Belles hasn't been either plus it was a lovely afternoon to walk the pooch. The boys did a bit of geocaching whilst us girls ambled along the beach trying not to be freaked out by Antony Gormleys Iron men's thingies (you know, the rudey bits on resplendent display). Ellie thought it was gross!

She battled against the wind on the beach and took great delight (like me) crushing razor fish shells. I can't describe how lovely that crunch and crack sounds when you do.

She gave one of the iron men a cuddle whilst sharing her glasses with him whilst wearing my over sized sunnies and wrapping a scarf around his iron neck

Dad caught us up after a while and decided to join in the photography fun.

Mum chose not to join in, instead retreating for a cigarette against that amazing wooden sea wall. Culture of this proportion isn't my mums thing, we reckon.
But that sea wall? Isn't it magnificent? All woody and rusty and old

The last picture of the day was Belles taking a rest on the benches on the promenade. I am not kidding you, 5 seconds later the heavens opened with a tremendous downpour. It came down so hard, it actually hurt Ellie. We ran like the clappers back to the car whilst I shoved £3,500 worth of camera equipment up my top to stop it being ruined (it wasn't a graceful look)Poor Belles can't run to save her life and got a thorough soaking. And the kids on the beach all screamed, running to their momma's with buckets and spades being abandoned as the dove for cover. I have never, ever seen rain like it in all my life - magic! It didn't stop us having an ice cream as we sat out the storm either!

I also finished this too. Remember a few weeks back I showed you it but it wasn't decorated? I was waiting for the right quote to go on there and after a few weeks of hunting, I decorated the canvas with it on full display.

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Kirsty x
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Jennifer Scull said...

truly splendid photos! and the rain, oh how I love it! sounds like a wonderful trip! :)

your artwork is amazing as always. you will so enjoy your retreat.

Anonymous said...

Great to see it all and fantastic re your daughters interests , she is walking so well and enjoying herself! Fantastic! Just fantastic to see her so active and well at last! Such a huge difference from her days in her wheelchair. you must all be ecstatic

greyparrot said...

Reiki is amazing! There is a huge amount to learn, but I have never regretted it, I adore it :) I'm eventually opening a therapy clinic, although my main focus will be on animal healing as that is my main qualification/expertise, plus a very well established pet business is backing me which is incredible. Crystal therapy is a lovely gentle one to have for Belles too, I'm taking my highers at the moment.
I was going to give some therapies at the same event, but logistics made it too difficult :( If you need any help gimme a holler x

Sue said...

Glad you had such a fab family day out, despite the downpour.

The retreat looks divine.

Jen said...

Gorgeous pics :) And you think I'm a treasure?? Awww. I can't wait to see you at the event. It's going to be amazing! (PS My sister does Reiki too - it's brill)

Kathy said...

Hi Kirsty, I've emailed you about a mimm kit,
Look forward to hearing from you.

Tracey said...

I have a reiki healer as a friend and she always has a calming effect on me when I meet her ( not an easy task at the best of times !) Fab photos as always, love the one along the wall and the one of Belles dressing up the iron man ( almost like a snowman lol)I think that rain came here today, it certainly put the Grim in Grimsby, looking forward to tomorrow, I honestly dont know how you fit all that you do into your days, but I for one am grateful that you do - thankyou xxx

Lisa-Jane said...

LURVE the colours on that and what a wonderful quote too.